10 Ways to Beat the Heat


Ever found yourself wrestling with your bed sheets on an evening trying to get to sleep despite the heat? We know the feeling all too well. This summer's a hot one, and whilst summer days are full of BBQs and alfresco dining, the nights aren’t always quite as appealing. There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning as you struggle sleep because of the overwhelming humidity. 

And, getting the right amount of sleep is not only important for making sure you’re up and well prepared for the day ahead, but it can also affect your ability to learn and to hold on to memories. A study by the University of Groningen found that sleep deprivation caused less connectivity between neurons in the hippocampus which is the region of the brain associated with learning and memory.

So, to put an end to your restless nights and to make sure your brain is on top form, we’ve put together a list of things to do to beat the heat to get your much-needed beauty sleep, so you can get out there and enjoy the sun.

10 Tips For Sleeping in the Heat 

1. Fail to Prepare…

Making sure you’re tired and calm before you head to bed will prevent you from lying awake for hours before nodding off. The best way to do this is to tire yourself out, by heading out for a run or walk in the evening and getting your pre-sleep routine down to make sure your mind knows it is time for bed.

So, after heading out for a jog or a walk, dim the lights, don’t stare at a computer or a phone screen for around an hour before you want to sleep and even try some camomile tea to prepare for a good nights rest. 

2. Cut Out the Comforter 

Seems like an obvious one but swap your comforter for just a thin sheet. Cotton sheets will also make sure your skin can breathe and will soak up any sweat, rather than leaving it on your body. So even if you can give up on sleeping with sheets, making sure they’re cotton and they'll keep you cool.

And if your sheets aren’t cotton, cotton PJs will work in the same way.

3. No AC? No problem.

You can make sure your fan is blowing cold air by placing a bucket of ice under the fan, or by placing a cold wet cloth over the fan.

4. Cool Down Your Shower

Not an enjoyable option, but having a cold shower will bring your body temperature down just before you get in between the sheets, setting you up for a much cooler night. (It’s also great for your skin and hair, by closing up your pores and making your hair shinier and healthier.) 

5. Grab a Boring Bedtime Read

Most people will recommend a book before bed, but a page turner can sometimes keep you up all night. Settle down with the most boring book you can find and don't fight it when it sends you to sleep. (Or you could even try a podcast on a topic you find incredibly dull.)

6. Treat Yourself to Some Pure Rest

Here at Organica we’ve formulated an essential oil roller to help lower stress and ease you into a deep sleep. You can use the roller all year round if you have sleeping problems but it can also be used to help you sleep when the humidity has rocketed. The lavender and bergamot oil will encourage the levels of dopamine, which will relax you and send you in a longer and deeper sleep.


7. No PJs 

Cut the clothes and sleep naked. It's the best way to keep you cool and will prevent you from waking up in sweats. But if it's not your thing, then sleep in cotton PJs and it will allow your skin to breathe and will soak up the sweat. 

8. R-ice Pack

By putting rice into a pack, whether that's a plastic bag or a sock, and placing it in the freezer all day, you can use it as an ice pack when you're trying to sleep. This way you can cool down without water dripping everywhere. 

9. Try Our Dream Lotion

There's arguably nothing better to help you calm down before a long nights sleep than lavender, which is the main ingredient in our Dream Lotion. It's made to help you fall asleep quicker, and for longer, and the oatmeal and bergamot oil encourages the production of relaxation hormones and soothes your skin. Apply to neck and chest before heading to bed. 


10. Spritz your sheets

Grab an empty spray bottle and fill with cold water and spritz your sheets before you hop in (don't soak them) and it'll make sure when you fall asleep they're as cool as they can be. If you have curtains shut over an open window, you can also spray the curtains to make sure the breeze coming through is as cold as it can be, too. The more you know!

Bottom Line

Sleep is important (but I'm sure you knew this already) so even when the temperature's up, it's still necessary to get as much sleep as you possibly can. By following a few of our tips, you can make sure you're the best you can be the morning after and that your memory is on top form. 

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