10 Weird Tips to Stay Asleep For Longer (Do Them TONIGHT!)

We’ve all been there. 3 am, staring at the clock, calculating how many minutes of sleep we have left before our alarm goes off. But instead of counting sheep and tossing and turning, here are some weird and wonderful tricks to help you drift off and stay asleep for longer.

Try them tonight, and see what works best for you!


1. Try To Stay Awake

Sounds counter-intuitive, but challenging yourself to stay awake can actually trick your brain into falling asleep. Known as the sleep paradox, experts suggest that the brain doesn’t interpret negatives well, so saying “I will not sleep” will cause us to quickly tire.

2. Curl Your Toes

Tightly curl your toes, hold for a few seconds, then uncurl them. Repeat this movement to help relax your mind and body. Known as ‘muscle relaxation’, this can also work by tensing your hands, calves, and even your butt! 

3. Memory Recall

Think of what you did that morning, and work your way through your day, chronologically remembering each task and activity. Recalling memories makes your brain tired, and helps you to sleep.

4. Drink Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is rich in melatonin and has been proven to help adults with insomnia. Try drinking a glass of cherry juice around 30 minutes before bed, and you should start to instantly unwind. 

5. White Noise

Listening to white noise has been proven to reduce anxiety, stop your mind from running on overdrive, and help you drift off to sleep. You can download white noise apps or audio files, or listen to it on YouTube. 

6. Listen To Sleep Hypnosis Podcasts

These unique podcasts are ideal for helping you relax and drift off naturally. Designed to lure your mind into a sense of sleep, they work particularly well if you enjoy audiobooks or music to help you unwind.

7. Rub Your Stomach

Starting at your navel, rub your stomach in bigger and bigger clockwise circles, then smaller and smaller counter-clockwise circles. Repeat this motion until you drift off. 

8. No Lights, No Noise

Completely blocking out all sights and sounds will help you sleep much deeper, especially if you are sensitive to these distractions. Earplugs and blackout blinds are ideal for creating the perfect sleeping sanctuary. 

9. Make Your Room Colder

Most people think you need to be warm and cozy to fall asleep, but it’s actually proven that a colder room helps you drift off easier. The human body sleeps better in cold temperatures, as it mimics the natural drop in core body temperature that happens when we fall asleep. 

10. Put A Pillow Between Your Legs

If you are up all night tossing and turning, try placing a pillow between your legs, or under your knees. This supports the natural curve of your spine, allowing you to relax into the mattress and feel more comfortable.

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