4 Natural "At-Home Hacks" For Healthy, Luscious Locks!

Do you dream of having glossy, luscious, long locks all the time? Wishing you had full confidence knowing that every time you left the house, your hair looked worthy of the red carpet? Well, we all dream of that!

Trying to achieve this dream has lead to many of us creating countless hairstyles and colors which has resulted in us falling victim to the negative results of using dyes, straighteners, curlers and hair dryers.

Here at Organica, we have found natural ways of treating and reducing the damage caused by these bad hair habits from just a few things hidden away in your kitchen cupboards. With a few simple ingredients, you can make these home-made hair remedies to give your hair a new lease on life!  

What Are Hair Masks?

When you want to give your hair a little extra TLC, forget running to the drug store and buying expensive hair serums that might only give you temporary results! Pop to your kitchen cupboards and have a little fun making your own hair masks with some simple, common household food items! It might sound a little crazy, but trust me when I say that your hair will feel and look a million bucks once you’re done!

Lots of your items in your kitchen have incredible properties that are just waiting to help revive and restore your locks once and for all! By applying a simple hair mask to your hair, you can provide your locks with some wonderful health benefits in as little as 20 minutes. Plus, sticking with natural ingredients will dave you from the potential nasties packed away in many shop-bought alternatives. 

Take a look at some easy-to-make hair masks that we have put together for you to use and get your hair shiny, healthy and gorgeous…

TIP: All the ingredients below can be mixed together too! You don’t have to stick to what we say. Have a play around and find the perfect combination for your hair!

Go Loco For Coco(nut) 

So, let's start with the coconut mask to help revive those dead ends! Coconut Oil is perfect for your hair if you need to treat your locks after damage from overheating. Those fried ends will be dry and broken, with little to no moisture inside the hair shaft – that is where coconut oil comes in! Not only will the oil help add moisture to the individual hairs, but it will also help strengthen and prevent breakages in the future. Packed with fatty acids, coconut oil can penetrate deep into the shaft of the hair and condition from the inside out, leaving you with soft, shiny hair.

How To Apply To Your Hair...

Simply heat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil until it has melted into a liquid. Gradually apply the oil to your scalp, roots, and ends, massaging into your head as you go. Once you have full coverage, scoop your hair up into a towel or shower cap and leave it to work into your hair for 10 - 20 minutes, giving the coconut oil enough time to work its magic. Rinse thoroughly and leave your hair to dry naturally… resist the urge to blow dry your hair!

TIP: Why not add a little cinnamon to your hair mask formula? Cinnamon has some incredible anti-inflammatory properties that will not only help support repair but will also reduce dandruff, nourish the scalp and has been proven to strengthen your hair follicles, too!

That Sweet, Sweet Honey

Honey is incredible! The sweet, golden natural syrup offers endless benefits – for both your hair and your skin! Applying honey to your hair is another great way to help retain moisture and get your hair feeling soft and smooth, bringing back your natural gleam.

Tip: When using honey on your hair, add a tablespoon of coconut oil to the honey – this will help loosen the thick honey texture and make it easier to spread through your hair, with the bonus of getting all the benefits from the coconut oil, too!

How To Apply To Your Hair...

Very much the same as coconut oil, pop 2 tablespoons of honey into a pot or pan - this is when you should add the coconut oil, too. Heat both the honey and the coconut oil up together, and mix until the mask is melted and moves around easily. Allow time for the mixture of cool a little, otherwise, you may burn your scalp.

Slowly apply the mixture to your hair, from root to tip and wrap up in a shower cap for 15 - 20 minutes. Once again, rinse your hair thoroughly, making sure all the mixture has been washed out of your hair. Do this once a week and you won’t believe the changes you’ll see to your hair! 

Egg Head

Unscramble your fried ends with this natural egg mask! I know, it sounds a little strange adding egg to your hair, but the benefits are out of this world! You see, eggs are rich in proteins, vitamins and fatty acids which are all perfect for helping return the shine and gloss to your lackluster locks.

Your hair is made up of a hard protein called Keratin, which also is in your nails and skin. This protein can be found in eggs too! So, when you’re applying the egg to your hair, you’re actually helping support the development of keratin, creating stronger, healthier hair.

How To Apply To Your Hair

You will only need one egg for this hair mask, making sure that you only use the egg white. Crack the egg into a pot, leaving the yolk inside the shell (or any way you feel confident with). Wet your hair and apply the egg white to your roots and smooth through with your fingers to the ends. Leave on your hair for between 30 – 40 minutes and rinse out. Make sure you use your normal shampoo and conditioner after to make sure you have removed all the egg white from your hair.  

Tip: If you’re someone who suffers from an oily scalp, add a couple of splashes of lemon to your egg mixture. Lemon has natural qualities that will absorb excess oil and grease from your scalp, refreshing your scalp and leaving you with healthier hair.

Sugar & Oil

Now, if you’re someone who suffers from dry hair, this mask is one you MUST try. Mixing sugar and oil together is great for exfoliating your skin, but it is also amazing at helping improve the health of your hair. While the sugar granules will help the skin on your scalp, the oil will act as a natural conditioner and moisturizer, treating the broken, dry hair and producing shiny, soft locks!

How To Apply To Your Hair

Using 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil, you need to mix the two into a pot or bowl. You do not need to add heat or any extra ingredients, just apply to your hair and leave for 10 – 20 minutes before rinsing out. Do this once a week to your hair and before you know it, those split ends and frazzled locks will be a thing of the past!

Final Thoughts

Treating your dead, lackluster hair to a homemade hair mask is the perfect way to give yourself and your locks a little self-love and care. We can spend so much of our time obsessing over whether our bouncy blow dry is still place or if there is a kink in our freshly straightened hair, but all these styles can really take their toll on the health of your hair. The more you style and heat, the more damage you’re doing to your hair, causing it to look dry, brittle and broken – not the look you were going for! By using these items from your kitchen cabinet, you will transform your hair and give it the natural attention it so desperately needs. You won’t regret it!

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