4 Simple Tips to Create The Perfect Sleep Environment


Your bedroom should be the haven you deserve...

Did you know that you spend roughly a third of your entire life asleep? That's an awful lot of time! Better take a couple minutes to learn 4 simple tips to make sure your bedroom is the best place it can be to provide you with a blissful night's sleep!

1) Keep it Clean!

  • Prevent a buildup of dust that can affect the quality of your sleep by making sure you vacuum at least once a week ( & more if you have pets).

  • Also, make sure to wash/vacuum any fluffy throw pillows or toys too if you have them - they’re all dust magnets!

  • You should also aim to wash your sheets/linen once a week too to prevent a build-up of any dust, dust mites, moulds, or mildew.

2) Declutter

  • Minimalism isn’t for all of us, and space sure is a premium for most of us. However, when it comes to your bedroom, you’d be surprised how much clutter can cause subconscious clutter. Try to keep your room tidy, try to put that laundry away and keep your clothes in your closest (it'll help reduce dust too).

3) Update your bedding

  • How’s that mattress you bought...wait, how many years ago? If your mattress is beginning to sag, feels lumpy or just generally uncomfortable - invest in a new one. If a new mattress isn’t an option, perhaps consider a foam topper or simply flipping the mattress over.

  • How’s your neck doing? Make sure you have the right pillow for you - this will vary depending on if you're a back or a side sleeper - but either way, make sure it supports your neck.

  • And how about those tired sheets? If they’re wearing out, it’s probably time to replace them. Choose the best good quality ones in a colour you find the most calming.

4) Lastly, Keep it cool...

  • The National Sleep Foundation suggests between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for the ideal bedroom temperature.

  • We learnt in our last blog (‘body clock hack’) that your body temperature changes throughout the day, setting your room temperature to the right level can help facilitate this process.

  • By setting it at the suggested level you can help your body to prepare for sleep and reach the ideal temperature it needs. If you’re too warm, you’re likely to get restless and the quality of. your sleep will also be affected


And finally, when you're done, you can lie down, relax and enjoy your perfect sleep haven... 


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