4 Ways To Naturally Balance Your Hormones

Hormones…our bodies are packed full of them! Each and every one of us are made up of lots of different hormones, all with a specific aim and function. From testosterone and estrogen (the sex hormones) to serotonin and cortisol (the happiness and stress hormones), our bodies are a complete cocktail of finely tuned messages between our brain and other organs.

Each hormone has a job to do to help us maintain a healthy body – and can even dictate our health and happiness. Although, sometimes our hormones can become slightly imbalanced and this can cause quite a few problems. To make matter worse, certain habits and lifestyle choices we make can also alter our hormone levels.

Luckily, when our hormones are a little out of whack, they tend to show both visible and internal signs that something is wrong!

There are many ways you can help your body stay balanced, including medication and diet. We have found 4 great, natural ways to help keep your body healthy and support your hormones through any changes that may have occurred.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance 

    If your hormones are imbalanced, you may experience physical symptoms such as unexplained weight gain or loss, hair loss or thinning, and extreme fatigue. For women it can also cause irregular or very painful periods. It may also affect you mentally, causing depress, anxiety and irritability, or lowering your sexual libido.

    Different hormone imbalances will cause different problems for each person, but if you notice an obvious change in regard to one or more of these, it’s worth going to the doctor for a check-up! Without trying to balance your hormones, you put yourself at risk of further health issues, such as diabetes or cancer [i].

    Causes of hormone imbalance

    It may not be just one thing that causes the imbalance of hormones in your body! These changes could be caused by a few different factors, including your genetics and medical history, stress levels, diet, and environment.

    Being overweight or obese puts you at a much higher risk of experiencing hormone imbalances, as well as living a stressful life, which heightens your cortisol levels. A lack of physical activity can cause higher levels of inflammation in your body, which links to the onset of ailments such as diabetes.

    The health of your gut is a big factor in hormone regulation, too! So, by not eating a well-rounded diet, you can damage your gut and cause an influx of incorrect hormones. This can impact your whole body in a negative way. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and smoking cigarettes (or other harmful substances) can also mess with your hormones and your overall health.

    How to balance your hormones naturally

    If you are noticing some hormonal changes, or want to prevent them, you should try these natural remedies:

    1. Eat good fats!

    There has been a surge in buying and consuming “low-fat” foods, with many of us believing that we're saving ourselves (and our waistlines) from unnecessary calories. But did you know that these low-fat foods are not actually helping you lose weight? In fact, they’re contributing to your hormone imbalance – which could, in the long term, make you gain weight!

    Healthy fats are an essential part of our diet. They provide important nutrients and are the main source of cholesterol [ii], which we need in order to produce estrogen (or testosterone in men). Without this type of fat, we won't produce enough of these sex hormones, which can heavily influence fertility! Not only that, it can cause other problems such as increased chances of getting UTIs [iii].

    The best foods to eat to get those healthy fats into your body include; seeds, nuts, olive oil, avocados, fish, and red meat. 

    2. Essential oils

    Using creams and lotions that are full of parabens and toxins can be damaging to our hormonal balance, so finding products that use natural ingredients will be a beneficial change to your daily routine.

    There are a number of essential oils you can find in products, such as lavender, fennel, bergamot, clary sage, rosemary, rose, and thyme.

    Let’s look at two of these: 

    Lavender is a well-known essential oil, known for its beautiful aroma, as well as its healing and sleeping powers! Lavender can relieve the aches and pains of PMS and can calm the feeling of stress or depression. Both physical pains and mental stress can affect our hormones! This is due to them heightening our levels of cortisol. Inhaling lavender is effective in helping us balance hormones, and also has the added benefit of helping you get to sleep!

    Our Pure Rest Roller is a handy, pocket-sized essential oil applicator, packed full of stress-relieving oils, including lavender! Just apply to your wrists, temples, and chest and let the soothing smells relax you into a state of calm and rest. 

    Clary Sage is also a reliever of pains – it is popular among women due to its pain relief powers for PMS and related stresses [iv]. It has components that help to balance out the production of estrogen, and can also reduce the feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. Rubbing a cream with clary sage in it on areas of pain will ease the discomfort - while inhaling it can help with emotional imbalances.

    3. Exercise

    Staying active helps to maintain good health - simple! It is super beneficial to your hormonal balance, and is especially good for those who feel stressed and suffer from high cortisol levels!

    Light exercises such as yoga, pilates, swimming, and tai chi are particularly good for lowering cortisol levels and helping you unwind. Outdoor hikes and jogging could also relieve stress. Intense exercises, like HIIT, may raise cortisol levels, so if you’re worried about your stress levels, try a more calming workout.

    To get the best out of your exercise, you need to ensure you have a balanced diet, consuming protein and complex carbohydrates for high energy levels, and avoiding refined sugars and simple carbohydrates. (These are also great tips for hormone balance).

    Regular exercise in the long term can also help your circadian rhythms, improving the quality of your sleep [v]!

    4. Sleep

    Do you love your sleep? I know I do, and knowing how it can benefit my hormone balance makes me love it more! You see, without enough sleep, our bodies can’t recuperate and build up enough energy for the next day, which if done regularly can seriously throw off your hormonal balance.

    A lack of sleep will contribute to stress, causing cortisol levels to rise higher than you want them. If you find it difficult to get a decent night’s sleep usually, you'll develop a cyclical problem – you don’t sleep so you’re stressed, and then that stress is stopping you from sleeping properly. Oh no! With this unpleasant cycle comes further problems – a weaker immune system, weight gain, depression and a loss of focus.

    This is when you need to try some natural remedies! You can try to incorporate more exercise into your weekly routine, avoid phones in bed, eat a healthier diet and cut down on the caffeine.

    For more tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, read our blog on 7 Science-Backed Sleep Hacks To Help You Feel Well Rested

    Your body needs to recover from a day’s work every day – without it, our glands and organs won’t produce the hormones we need for it to function properly -increasing our risk of health problems. The best thing to do is to try and get yourself into a sleep routine. That way your body can rest well every night.

    If you want something to help you sleep, try our Dream Lotion. It uses three fantastic essential oils – lavender, clary sage, and bergamot – among other natural ingredients to offer you a relaxing send off every night! We’re so sure it will help you towards the hormonal balance you need in your body, that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Final thoughts

    Hormone levels will change depending on your lifestyle, so if you adopt these tips, you may find that you will feel more energetic, less hungry, and notice the weight of everyday stress lift off your shoulders. It’s amazing that we can control the balance of our hormones ourselves, so why not try our best, right?

    Some hormone imbalances will require prescribed medication, such as with diabetics’ low insulin production, or thyroid medication. But for others, simple changes can bring you a long way! If you are concerned that you may be experiencing serious hormonal imbalances, don’t be afraid to ask a medical professional. They can check hormone levels through a few simple tests. It's not unusual to experience hormonal imbalances, so take these steps and spread the word!


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