5 Apps to Help You Sleep


Headspace is an easy to use app which introduces basic meditation and breathing techniques into your daily routine. Clear your head and relax using the built-in tutorials, and discover how to embrace your inner Zen.


Scrolling your smartphone in bed has a direct link to troubled sleep. The blue light omitted by screens supresses the production of melatonin, keeping you alert. F.lux adjusts the colour of your display depending on the time of day, making it easier to fall asleep at night.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns throughout the night using movement and sound analysis. Then, using a 30-minute alarm window, it wakes you in your lightest sleep phase, mimicking how your body wakes up without an alarm. This will alleviate that zombie state you feel when you’re woken up in the deepest point of slumber!


Developed by sleep experts at Oxford University, Sleepio tracks, analyses and then helps to improve sleep by looking at all the possible causes for sleep problems. Using CBT, it then helps you fight back!


Calm is an app focused on mindfulness and meditation — both of which will help you sleep better and relax. It offers guided meditation sessions to calm anxiety, drift off into a deeper sleep, and avoid waking during the night.

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