5 Benefits of Using Natural Health & Beauty Products


1. Better for You

Natural products are more beneficial to use over a long-period of time compared to their chemical counterparts. When you use overly-processed products over a long period of time, the harmful chemicals that claim to make your skin feel brighter or hair smoother may actually cause damage.

2. Better for the World

Chemically-laden and artificially-produced products have a huge, negative impact on the environment. As big pharmaceutical companies pump substances into their products, these chemicals also end up in the air, the ocean and even into your own home. By opting for products made of natural or organic materials, fewer chemicals are likely to damage our environment.

3. No Strange Side Effects

Parabens, sulphates and other synthetic elements can produce extreme side effects when applied often. Parabens in particular, are notorious for mimicking your body’s natural hormones. Experts are worried that over time, using paraben-rich products can affect our endocrine system and result in hormone imbalances.

4. Fragrance SOS

Artificial beauty products usually have rich, overpowering scents, designed to cover up the smell of other chemicals used. These strong smells can cause headaches in many people. Instead, opting for a natural product scented with essential oils, can even provide aromatherapy benefits, too!

5. What Goes On Your Skin, Goes In Your Skin

You wouldn’t happily eat or drink a toxic mix of chemicals, so why would you want to put it on your skin? The products we use have an impact on our health, so make sure you know exactly what’s in your purchase. But remember, not ALL synthetics are harmful. If you’re unsure, a quick look-up can put your mind at ease! 

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