5 Clever Ways to Wake Up Feeling Energized

Finding the strength to leave your much-loved bed in the morning is a struggle we can all sympathize with. Waking up feeling hazy and unrested is not a great feeling, but it could be easily prevented! Here at Organica, we’ve put together a few steps to make getting out of bed that bit easier and giving you the best possible start to your day. It’s all about routine!

1. Time your sleep

Before you can wake up, you, of course, need to fall asleep. There are so many factors affecting how well you sleep, for example, the amount of physical activity you did in the day, how much caffeine you consumed, and the use of smartphones and tablets in the bedroom (which you should avoid). Some factors are controllable, some are not, but enforcing a regular sleep schedule could improve your quality of sleep! What we mean by this is going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Bodies react well to routine, so repeating this constantly will eventually improve your night’s sleep[i]. The better you sleep, the more rested you will feel in the morning.

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2. Lose the snooze

We all know how horrible the sound of a beeping alarm can be when you’re deep in sleep, and the strong temptation to hit the snooze button. But we know from experience, that that extra few minutes of shut-eye is not worth it! It’s doing more harm than good for you and that pesky sleep inertia. Yep, that horrible groggy feeling you feel in the morning has a name – sleep inertia[ii]. If you snooze your alarm repeatedly, the feeling could last up to hours longer than it would if you woke up after the first alarm sounded. Getting yourself into the habit of waking up after one alarm will get rid of that temptation once and for all!

But there’s more to it

I bet a large proportion of you use your cellphone as an alarm clock. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of it too. It has a clock app that’s designed to include alarms, so why wouldn’t we? Well, the alarm sound you choose actually makes a huge difference. Loud, aggressive noises scare us awake, which activates the nervous system, causing undue stress[iii]. Doing that every morning can’t be good for us. For a peaceful morning, we should be choosing alarm sounds that gradually wake us up without triggering our nerves. For example, a melodic tune or birdsong, something pleasant to the ear.

If you want to escape the shock of loud noises, change the settings to vibrate, and wake up with a shake up. For the most natural wake up, and the most natural sleep routine, we should let the sun wake us up! Try leaving your curtains open tomorrow and see how it feels to be awoken by the rays shining in on you. It’s said to control our natural sleep cycle, in which case, there is no better way to get the sleep we need![iv] If you find that you don’t get sunlight through your window, you can buy lamps that imitate the sun’s light and movement.

3. Reconnect with yourself

While you sleep, your body disconnects from your mind, so this is the perfect opportunity to reconnect them! After all, they have to work together for the rest of the day. Lie down still on your back and close your eyes, leaving you with nothing to focus on except your own body. As if you were meditating, you should try to feel every part of you and the weight of every movement. Wiggle your toes, move your knees, and then move up to your fingers and wrists. Get up slowly and gently place your feet flat on the floor, feeling them dig into it softly. Allow your body to wake up slowly and deliberately, giving you the physical empowerment to start your morning well.

4. Drink a glass of water

Every time I think about what water can do for our bodies, I’m amazed. We are advised to drink no less than 2 liters of water throughout the day, and the best time to start is first thing in the morning. Here are a number of reasons why:

  • When we wake up, we experience slight dehydration, so providing our body with a glass or two of water will rehydrate us (essential for good minds, skin and body functions)

  • Water boosts our energy, by helping our heart pump the blood around the body

  • It gets our metabolism going and fills the empty void you might feel in the mornings – we often mistake that emptiness for hunger, but all we need is a simple cup of H2o![v]


5. Avoid the radio

How often do you hear good news on the news channels or in the papers? If you think it’s quite often, please let me know what you’re listening to! It’s an unfortunate truth that there is plenty of negative news, so we recommend that you refrain from listening to it before your day starts. It really makes a difference to your mindset! Instead, activate your senses by listening to some peaceful music or try a funny podcast. Starting the day with a positive outlook will carry you through the day with a better mood.

Final thoughts

Following these steps is proven to improve your morning energy, so give it a go! Starting the day right is key to having a good day, and having a good day every day…amazing! Human beings love routine, even the more quirky of you out there! Allow yourself to fall into a routine using these 5 steps – you’ll be thanking us soon. If you have more suggestions for a good wake up routine, we’d love to know!  

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