5 Foods That Make Your Nails Grow!

Your nails go through a lot, and especially if you’ve ever had harsh acrylics or gel nails, they’re probably a little damaged. There’s nothing worse than brittle, breaking nails when all you want to do is grow them out.

At Organica, we created our 100% natural and effective Nail Guardian which strengthens and revives damaged or weak nails. It’s one of our best-sellers and has some great results!

But as well as using our Nail Guardian, there are also certain foods that can support your nail growth, and are easy to get into your diet! 


A handful of almonds every day can help boost your vitamin E levels, which is vital when it comes to maintaining healthy nails. There’s a reason why vitamin E is referred to as the beauty vitamin, as it helps protect cells from free radicals, so it’s great for your skin, too! Around one portion of almonds (23 of them) contains 60% of your daily vitamin E needs.

They’re also high in zinc, which is another key nutrient to keep nails strong. We mainly get our zinc from seafood and meats, so if you have a plant-based diet then you need to actively introduce zinc into your daily food choices. 

Whole Grain Cereal

Another great source of zinc, and as they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Try topping yours with some antioxidant-boosting berries for that extra kick of goodness! 


Protein is another key nutrient needed to help your nails stay strong, and eggs contain a decent serving of it! Nails are made up of a tough protein called keratin (the same as your hair) so you need all those amino acids from protein to help strengthen the keratin in your nails, and your hair too.

If we’re low on protein then our nails can become brittle and discolored, but if you try and get eggs into your diet regularly, you’ll start to notice a difference!

Healthy Fats 

To keep your nails supple and to support their growth, fats are essential. But only a specific type of fat: linoleic acid - which you get from things like oily fish, olive oil, rapeseed oil, avocados, and nuts.

Normally, having fatty foods in our diet is discouraged, but healthy fats are really good for us and shouldn’t be avoided.

And Last But Not Least, Water

… which as we know is good for everything! We should have around 6 glasses of water a day (including the water in your tea or coffee) in order to support our body. Not only will you notice a difference in your nails, but you’ll also notice a huge difference in your skin, too!

At the end of the day, if you’re getting enough nutrients into your diet you’ll notice the difference in your nails quickly. But when the damage is down to manicures and day-to-day chores, that’s when your nails need a little bit more help to encourage growth and prevent them from breaking. This is when you should turn to Nail Guardian to strengthen and support your damaged or weak nails. If you click through the link you can get 25% off our best-seller! Go on, your nails deserve it!

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