5 Facts About Sleep You Won't Have Heard

Do you dream in color? How much of our dreams can we actually remember? There's a lot we don't know about sleep, and scientists are still debating what the brain does while we're snoozing. But here's some interesting facts you've probably never heard before:

1. How much sleep do we need?

The amount of sleep you need depends on how old you are, and gradually shortens as you grown older. Young babies need a lot of sleep, and naps throughout the day as they're growing so much faster than an adult does. So teenagers sleeping in later than their parents is completely normal, and could simply mean they're having a growth spurt. 

2. Who sleeps more, women, or men?

Women, although not by a lot. On average women get about 30 minutes more than men. So if you're in need of a lie in ladies, you can use this fact to your advantage.

3. Do we dream in color?

12% of people dream in black and white! These are more common in older people than anyone under 25. You also forget 50% of your dream within the first 5 minutes of waking up, and sometimes not at all!

 4. What's keeping me up so late?

Going for a few drinks with friends, meeting your partner for a late-night dinner, or even just scrolling through social media in bed can interrupt your body’s natural cry for sleep.  Essentially, peer pressure is keeping us up and stopping us from getting the sleep we need. Delaying your bedtime will result in having less good-quality sleep, leaving you tired the next day.

 5. What position is best? 

Laying on your stomach in a ‘free-fall’ position with your hands on your pillow is best if you’re feeling full and bloated. Laying on your left side can also help reduce heartburn.

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