5 Natural Remedies for All Your Hair Woes

From dry, frizzy hair to flat, oily roots, we all have our own troubled relationship with our locks. And although spending a few cents on the countless products that promise they will fix your problems might seem like the quickest and easiest option, we think a natural alternative might be the answer for all your hair needs.

There are some incredible benefits from using natural alternatives on your lackluster locks, but when you’re not sure, it can be a little overwhelming. We all want to look at ourselves in the mirror and be happy with our hair, so when that isn’t the case, it can affect our self-esteem and confidence.

We've all sat around with our girlfriends before, discussing our frizzy hair woes only to find that our friend with soft straight hair wishes they had your volume! We can spend so much time unhappy with what we have, but now is the time to stop and find ways of achieving our hair goals!

So, that is where we step in! We have looked into ways you can give your hair a new lease of life by just using a few unconventional items…including things you can find in your kitchen. Say goodbye to drug store products and shout hello to these amazing alternatives…

Hair Woe #1 - Thinning Hair

There are many causes of thinning hair; genetics, age, hormone imbalance, poor diet or overexposure to excessive heat and dyes…but that doesn’t mean that it is something we all just have to accept. Although many habits we have picked up in this modern society are damaging our hair, there are ways that we can fight back and support our hair health.

From eggs to rosemary oil, you can revive your hair growth and strength naturally and easily. Our hair is made up of the protein keratin but when your body is feeling stressed, your hormones will fight against this growth and can cause hair loss and thinning! When this happens, the proteins in the egg white can support your individual hairs and give you that much-needed boost.

Hair Woe #2 - Lacking Volume

When your hair is limp, lifeless and flat, it can reflect in your self-esteem, leaving you feeling like trash. Unfortunately, if this is your hair hang-up, you’re not alone. There are many reasons your hair may be lacking volume; over washing, thin hair, grease or over styling and finding out why your hair is limp and flat can be a pain, but knowing how to combat it is easy…

It might seem a little strange, but the proteins in both barley and rice or oats can help give your hair an injection of volume. Working as a moisturizer, the natural proteins will condition each strand of hair, helping to add body and fullness. Whether you have heard it or not, many people have been known to wash their hair with beer to achieve a fuller look.

Hair Woe #3 - Fighting The Frizz

Suffering from wild, outrageous hair? Join the club! Frizzy hair can be uncontrollable and irritating if you don’t know how to tame it. All it takes is a surprise downpour and you end up spending the day trying to flatten your hair to your head. It would be nice if we could swap our frizzy locks with the non-voluminous hair, but that just simply isn’t the way it goes.

The good news is that there are ways that you can help your hair from exploding into a ball of frizz. Applying locust gum from the carob tree to your locks will help calm the frizz and tame the wild curls. Acting as a natural biofilm former, which means that it can form a protective layer around each individual strand of hair to fight and combat the effects of humidity.

Hair Woe #4 - Dreaded Dandruff

Dandruff – one of the most annoying hair conditions that so many of us suffer from. Affecting both men and women, dandruff is a very common affliction, bothering around 50 million Americans every day. It can get to a point where you feel like there isn’t an answer…but there is!

Dandruff can be embarrassing and cause discomfort, resulting in more scratching, making the scalp more vulnerable and create more flaky skin – not good. It isn’t a sign of dirty, unwashed hair, but dandruff is a key indicator of a common fungus called Malassezia. Here at Organica, we have discovered that apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and tea tree oil mixed together are the perfect combinations to help relieve the effects of flaky dandruff skin. The vinegar and the lemon will gently exfoliate the damaged skin while the tea tree will attack the fungus with its natural anti-fungal qualities.

Hair Woe #5 Too Much Oil

When you’re someone who suffers from oily hair, it can really get you down. Every day you feel like your hair looks unclean and un-kept, sticking to your scalp and parting in places that you haven’t planned for. No one likes to look in the mirror and see hair full of moisture, but unfortunately, it happens to a lot of us. Normally caused by an overactive sebaceous gland producing too much sebum – a light yellow substance that is secreted from the glands in your skin to keep your hair and scalp moisturized – too much oil can make you look and feel untidy and dirty.

It is important for both your hair and scalp health that you produce sebum, but sometimes, due to genetics, it can cause unsightly problems. This is where peppermint extract can step into the rescue. You might think ‘that’s crazy’ but the natural properties of peppermint can help reduce and remove sebum from your scalp, without causing damage to the hair, root or skin. Used in many drug store shampoos, peppermint could be the answer your hair has been screaming for. Simply apply a few drops of the extract directly onto your hair and massage in. Leave for a few minutes and rinse out, leaving your roots and hair feeling soft and luscious without too much oil.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes we need to give our hair a little bit of TLC to get it looking glorious and luscious. Natural is always better, cheaper and more sustainable, so why not give some of these a try on your head of hair? The sooner you’re able to fix the damage caused by bad habits the better you will feel about yourself…and your hair will thank you for it. Say goodbye to the dead ends and flat roots and say hello to a new you with the hair you have always longed for…trust me when I say you won’t look back!

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