5 Natural Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and hopefully by now your significant other has a romantic surprise planned for you! But if you’re getting tired of the usual flowers and ‘I Love You’ teddy bears, here’s 5 natural Valentine’s gift ideas you can hint while there’s still time!

Raw Chocolates.

It’s always a winner! From indulgent white chocolate truffles to intense 90% cocoa bars, there’s a chocolate to suit everyone! Why not try opting for some organic, raw chocolate this Valentine’s, like a Pacari Organic Chocolate Bar, or a Mulu Dark with Raw Cacao Nibs?

They’re lower in sugar, higher in antioxidants and will take your taste buds on a journey of new tastes and textures. The best part is, dark chocolate has been linked to a healthy heart, so you can indulge this Valentine’s without the guilt!  

Natural Candles.

What would a romantic evening be without some candle-light?! Go organic this season with a selection of natural candles, and fill your home with the beautiful scents of nature. Made from coconut oil, soy or natural essential oils, the choice is endless!

Silk Pillow Case.

If you want to add a touch of luxury to the bedroom this Valentine’s, treat yourself (or your loved one) to a set of silk pillowcases. Not only will they look and feel indulgent, it’s been proven that these silky smooth cases can benefit your skin and hair, too! For your hair, a silk pillowcase will prevent breaking and static, and will lead to less kinks and flyaways when you wake up. For your skin, sleeping on a silk pillowcase can reduce redness and discolouration, as well as prevent the aging process and wrinkling of the skin! Win win.

Adult Coloring Book.

If you’re a busy Mom. have a stressful job or just generally lack the space for some me-time in your schedule, the greatest gift you can receive is some TIME TO RELAX! One of the best ways to unwind and clear your head is with an adult coloring book. The calming effect of these popular pass-times will help you melt into a feeling of tranquillity.

Organica Dream Lotion.

Cuddle up with your loved one this Valentines and enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep with Organica’s Dream Lotion. The calming, sweet aroma of Lavender, Bergamot and Oats will send you off into a natural slumber without the need of sleeping pills or other disruptive medications. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep this Valentine’s Day.

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