5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

In the cold months of winter, without proper care and maintenance, our immune systems can suffer greatly. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cream to boost it - however, improving your overall health and strength comes from the inside. Here are a few tips to boost your immune system, and feel ready to face anything!


First and foremost, your diet is generally responsible for the health of your body. Brightly colored foods contain numerous vitamins and minerals that will aid you in fighting off any infection since the deeply-colored pigments are where the nutrients usually reside. We recommend stocking up on all sorts of berries, leafy vegetables, sweetcorn, tomatoes, beetroot, and oranges, as well as adding turmeric to your cooking (or sipping on a trendy turmeric latte). Need an easier way to remember which fruits and veggies are full of nutrients? Follow this rule: if it stains your hands, it’s good for you!


Who can resist a steamy bowl of delicious soup on a gloomy day? Not only does this dish warm you up and taste amazing, but it’s also good for your health! Introduce certain vegetables in your soup cooking to reap the benefits of phytonutrients, which help you maintain a strong immune system. Don’t forget to sprinkle some herbs and spices in there (such as garlic, oregano, or ginger), which have plenty of antibacterial and antiviral properties.


Vitamin A can be your best friend when looking to maintain a strong immunity and is a key micronutrient in combating infection, as it supports our body’s defense. Another ally against colds is the popular vitamin C - found in fruits and vegetables such as citrus, red peppers, or broccoli, this miracle nutrient is vital in preventing infections. Those who smoke or are under a lot of stress are more prone to depleting their vitamin C levels, so it is recommended they increase their levels via supplements. During winter time, vitamin D levels can get heavily depleted due to shorter days and cloudier skies, so adding more of this vitamin to your diet via egg yolks, fatty fish (salmon or mackerel) and even cereals can really help boost your immune system.


It has been scientifically proven that lack of sleep can decrease the activity of T-cells (a vital immune cell residing in your bodies), weakening our response to illness. Chronic sleep deprivation, as well as disruptive sleep cycles, are both responsible for a fragile immune system. The solution? Aim for seven-eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night, and avoid staying up too late. A lot of people reportedly have trouble falling or staying asleep, so using a natural sleep aid such as our Dream Lotion can really make a difference. Made from all natural ingredients and essential oils, our lotion can make you feel relaxed and ready for bed in no time, and help you get a good night’s rest.


Several studies have discovered that regularly attending a sauna can do wonders for your immune system. Not only does this improve our overall health by boosting our immune cells, but the increase in body temperature can actually make it harder for viruses and bacteria to survive in your body, lowering the incidence of catching a common cold. Additionally, when you sweat in a sauna you remove numerous toxins from your body - what more reason does one need to hop in a sauna on a freezing cold day?


We can’t promise you won’t catch a cold this winter, as sometimes these things are inevitable. However, taking the time to properly care for yourself and your body, whether it’s via your dietary changes (more soups, herbs, and vitamins) or lifestyle adjustments (getting more sun or spending time in a sauna, and especially sleeping longer, healthier hours), can really do wonders for your body, and help boost your immune system naturally, no drugs required.

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