5 Reasons Why You’re Suffering from Joint Pain!

Feeling any pain in our bodies is normally a sign that something is wrong! The pain receptors in our brains are picking up signals and are trying to tell us something isn’t right. So, getting pain in your joints is generally an indication that there could be a larger issue at play. There are many causes of pain in our joints, some very treatable and others that can be quite life-changing…

Our joints are extremely important to our day to day movement, so when our joints start to become weak or fragile, they can make daily activities tremendously difficult. Joint pain affects millions of people in the United States and is rapidly increasing due to our modern way of life.

Take a look below at 5 of the common reasons you may be experiencing pain in your joints…

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is incredibly common – and more so in women than men! [1] Shockingly, 54 million Americans suffer from arthritis every year. That is a lot of people experiencing constant pain and stiffness in their joints…not nice! There are many different types of arthritis too, including gout [2] and the two most common forms;

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic long-lasting joint condition, very common in elderly people. OA occurs when the cartilage (a protective tissue at the end of our bones) begins to weaken and deteriorate. This is caused by repetitive movement in our joints such as; crouching and bending down frequently - this will then, after time, have an effect on the cartilage in your knees.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes joint pain, usually in the hands, feet, and wrists. This type of arthritis is where the immune system attacks the cells that surround your joints by mistake – leaving the joints swollen, painful and stiff. Unfortunately, begin a woman gives you an increased risk of having this form of arthritis - along with if you smoke or if you have a family history of the disease.

Although it sounds a little scary, a lot of sufferers of arthritis are still able to continue their lives as normal as possible. When diagnosed early, many sufferers find that the treatment helps reduce their flare-ups to months and years! [3]

If you have noticed your joints hurting more often than not, make sure you visit a medical professional to get yourself checked out.

2. Overuse of an injury

It is important for our health to stay active, but we need to make sure we don’t overdo it! If you push your body too hard, the result may not be forgiving. When we exercise, we’re strengthening our muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons through the breakdown and regrowth of the new tissue. Basic stuff for staying fit and healthy, but, when all this happens too quickly, it can result in injury.

Seek medical advice if you think this may be the reason for your joint pain. They will be able to assess you and help you reduce the pain through intervention planning and physiotherapy. As long as you listen to the medical guidance, you’ll feel back to normal in no time, with the confidence of knowing how to avoid a second injury.

3. Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a condition affecting the thyroid (a gland that regulates growth and development through metabolism). The gland produces more of the hormone than is needed, causing an imbalance. This can result in an over or underactive thyroid and can cause pain and discomfort in your joints.

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4. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Your joint pain could actually be caused by something you wouldn’t expect. CFS is a long-term illness with many symptoms – including joint pain. Once again, CFS is more common in women (we can’t catch a break!) and normally develops between your 20’s – 40’s. Most people with CFS get better over time and the younger you are when diagnosed, the easier you’ll make a full recovery.

5. Changes in The Weather

TV shows and Movies have been known to make a joke of people suffering from hip and joint pain when it is cold and wet outside…well, strangely, there is some truth to it! You may have also heard older members of your family say that they can ‘feel a storm’ coming? It is thought that people suffering from joint pain will have an increased aggravation of symptoms when there is a change in the weather.

Studies have shown that when there is a 10-degree drop in temperature, arthritis sufferers felt their symptoms worsen! [4] This was also the case when the barometric pressure (the weight of the air) dropped and levels of precipitation increased. Although there is no complete proof that these factors are the cause for joint pain rising, it is suspected that these atmospheric conditions can be increasing swelling in the joint capsule.

Unfortunately for a lot of people affected by joint pain, they will experience worse symptoms when the weather changes.

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Final Thoughts

Feeling pain is normally a sign that something isn’t right, and you should try to get yourself checked out by a medical professional to be on the safe side. The sooner you know the cause of the pain, the sooner you can begin to try and correct the situation!  You can help yourself too by taking some time for self-care; taking a bath, getting a massage or using products like our 100% Organic Castor Oil that will ease the pain in your joints and give you some much-needed comfort.

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