5 Self-Care Tips For 2020 - Putting YOU First!

There’s always that lull after January 1st. When the clock strikes midnight, it’s almost as if we’re expecting a great change, or that an automatic door will open up to the best year of your life… so why does everything always feel the same? Well, it doesn’t have to! Because this year, you can master the art of Self Care by reframing your goals and learning to put yourself first (without being selfish!)

Here at Organica, we’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and what they stand for. They’re a great indicator for what you want, but is the style of the new year resolution actually serving you in the best way? 

We write concise goals on 31 December like “Lose X amount of pounds” or “Join the gym”, which are excellent, achievable goals in principle, but in order to ultimately fulfill our targets, maybe we need to revolutionize the resolution and identify the real roots of our desires. Making space to truly hone in on what we want and how to properly prioritize our mental health and self-care, making space for a lifestyle change that actually lasts.

The Organica team is all about natural solutions, so we’ve researched and sourced the 5 most wholesome and helpful tips to support you on your journey to maximizing your mindfulness surrounding your goals and feeling your natural best. This decade can be about prioritizing you and trust us, it’s simpler than you think.

1. What Makes You Feel Good?

Take some time out to write down when you feel your best - is it when you’re swimming? When you’re out with loved ones? When you’re walking the dog or baking? Include how you generally feel when you do these things, why you enjoy doing it, and what comes naturally to you when you know you’re feeling great about your life and yourself. Knowing exactly what you like and how it makes you feel provides you with the baseline of what to inject of more into your life.

Feeling good regularly is possible, you’ve just got to open the door and invite it in.

2. What Do You Dream About?

You are the only you in the world, and the dreams and ideas that come to you are important. Making our dreams come true gives us a vital sense of fulfillment. Your ideal life lies in the moments when you think about what could make you happy or what things occur in your positive dreams. It’s time to trust those thoughts and put them into action.

Try dreaming bigger with our luxurious Dream Lotion which is scientifically formulated to help you fall asleep faster and deeper. Infused with natural lavender oil, the aroma induces you into a more restful sleep to leave you feeling more energized when you arise. Just apply the soothing and hydrating Dream Lotion on the neck, upper arms and chest before you go to bed and it’s as simple as that. It’s also hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free. Gorgeously rejuvenating, nutrient-rich and completely natural - it’s a great way to help enhance your sleep and of course, your dreams.

3. Now, Listen...

So, now you’ve worked out what makes you feel good and what you dream about, so write them down and make sure you make time regularly for working towards your goals and putting in the diary your feel-good-activities. Say no to other plans if it will interrupt that allotted time - your wellbeing is important and prioritizing what you want to do can feel incredibly empowering.

Why not try some meditation - your body and mind are always telling you what it wants and needs, but you sometimes need to create the space to hear it.

4. Show & Tell

If you’ve started this year feeling low, fatigued or stressed, why not reset and talk to someone about it? This could be a friend, a stranger on a helpline, or a professional (doctor, healer or therapist). Communication is key for offloading and it might feel like a scary thing to do, but in the long run, sharing any heavy load will make it easier to carry. Help the cloud clear by obtaining clarity over your concerns by saying them out loud. The soundboard effect of communicating with someone else actually helps you learn what you’re wanting and needing for yourself too.

And don’t be worried to say that you need a time out. Taking time out/a day off work just for you can be revolutionary for the soul. Even if it’s just to read all day in bed, that time and that day are yours. The preciousness of that might be all you need to help you unwind, reflect and restart your positive intentions.

Oh, and when was the last time you booked a vacation? Looking forward to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, and having a period of time in the year to just do you is a great way of prioritizing yourself. 

5. Choose You

In every situation, there is always a choice and that can include what we choose to feel. You can choose not to feel judgment, fear, shame, and anger and instead choose excitement, happiness, love, and peace. This can be a really empowering act of self-care.

Try to choose to be the love in the world too. Acts of kindness can be a great way of improving others' lives as well as your own happiness. Choose to notice the good that happens in the world and emulate it, and try not to assume the worst in people. Optimism has a rooted place in contentment. 

Embrace this new radical train of thought and grant yourself permission to choose you and prioritize your wellbeing this year.

Final Thoughts

Take time in 2020 to really focus on loving and championing yourself and your needs. When you learn how to honestly accept and love yourself and start acknowledging the amazing things you have to offer the world and those in it, you have the power to uplift and inspire others as well. Roll on 2020 and roll on your self-care journey. Be excited by what you might discover!

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