5 Surprising Skin Side Effects Of The Menopause

As if Mother Nature didn’t dole out enough gifts to the fairer sex - I’m thinking periods, stretch marks and labor pains, to name a few - the menopause also has some other little surprises in store. Sure you’re suddenly hot and sweaty out of nowhere, your sleep is disturbed and some days you feel like you’re losing the plot… but did you know your skin can also be affected by the hormone changes that occur during menopause?

Changing levels of estrogen in your body affect collagen production, which you’ll know is an essential building block of skin. Estrogen is also related to the production of natural oils that keep our skin moisture-rich, so understandably menopausal women can expect to notice changes to their skin’s tone and texture.

Luckily, many of these bodily changes are easily rectified by adjusting your skincare routine accordingly. So we’ve put together a guide to 5 skin concerns experienced during menopause, and the remedies you’ll need to counter them.

1. Dry Skin 

A common symptom experienced by many women going through menopause is the skin becomes drier. If you’re someone who’s typically always had oily skin, this may actually be a welcome change, meaning less clogged pores and more flawless skin.

For most of us though, dry skin is a bit of a pain. Dehydration of the dermis during menopause is caused by fluctuating hormone levels compromising the lipid barrier, which is supposed to minimize water loss from the skin.

To treat lipid loss, choose products packed with the natural fats found in the skin: ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids. Great sources of these ingredients are oats, shea and cocoa butter, and other nut oils. 

Another unfortunate side effect of dry skin is a condition called pruritus, which you may have read about before in our Night-Time Skin Itching blog. This is usually easily treated by restoring the skin’s hydration levels with a deep moisturizer. However, in rare cases unusually irritating, itchy sensations have been experienced by menopausal women. Paresthesia, for example, is the ‘pins and needles’ feeling of tingling and numbness on the skin, whilst others have reported a particular type of paresthesia called ‘formication’, a distressing sensation described as feeling like insects crawling on the skin.

If you have unusual symptoms like the ones above, or your skin itching persists despite recommended treatment, it is best to see a specialist to rule out any potential underlying conditions. But for a simple dry skin solution, we recommend our beloved Dream Lotion.

We’ve infused our luxurious lotion with lipid-rich oatmeal, almond, and cocoa butter, so it’s the perfect product to soothe and hydrate your irritated skin. Added Lavender oil helps you unwind at the end of a long day, so you can make rescuing your dry skin a pampering process. Dream Lotion’s ingredients work synergistically to put you into a deeper, more restful slumber - so it’s another great choice for those suffering from the disturbed sleep symptoms that accompany menopause.

2. Dull Skin

Another unfortunate consequence of lipid loss during menopause is that the naturally occurring oil in the skin responsible for giving it its luminosity breaks down, leading to a lackluster look.

At the same time, your melanin cells are in reduction, so your dull skin may also be susceptible to sunspots and dark spots forming. To protect your skin’s surface, use products containing SPF all year-round, even on grey Winter days, as UVA rays will still penetrate cloud cover.

We also recommend resurfacing treatments, such as toners containing exfoliating AHA or BHA acids (e.g. glycolic or salicylic acid), which can help to rejuvenate dull and dead layers of skin, brightening the complexion. 

3. Breakouts

So you survived puberty, but the pimples are back in force. Gee thanks, Mother Nature! What’s happening here is that your skin is overproducing sebum in an attempt to recreate the depleting lipid barrier, which clogs your pores and causes those dreaded spots.

We recommend combatting the adult acne with Rosehip Oil, nature’s secret weapon. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it both a powerful treatment for the bacteria at the root of breakouts, and a soothing solution for sensitive, blemished skin. 

Not only does it hit the spot, but Rosehip Oil is also full of Vitamin C, an essential component of collagen production to help lift aging skin. Despite being an oil, Rosehip Oil has a subtle sheen rather than a greasy finish, so it’s also our favorite way to restore that youthful glow lost during menopause.

Sagging Skin

Depleted estrogen during menopause leads to reduced collagen production, which is what gives skin its structure and elasticity. Less collagen means our skin isn’t as firm, which, coupled with the reduction of supporting fat under the surface, can cause the skin to sag or even become hollow in notable places such as the neck, face, and hands. 

To tighten the skin and slow down this process, we need to boost the collagen in our skin and keep it hydrated. Organica’s Superfood Firming Serum contains Vitamin C and Tripeptide 5, key components in encouraging collagen production, improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We also combined this powerful duo with the incredible Hyaluronic Acid, which can hold a thousand times its own weight in water. This clever little ingredient will lock moisture into your skin, keeping your cells hydrated and healthy.

Fine Lines

Hot flushes and the associated body temperature changes experienced during menopause ultimately lead to loss of skin density and therefore contribute to changes in the structure and appearance of the skin.

In particular, you may notice fine lines appearing on the forehead, or crow’s feet in the delicate eye area. Deeper lines can crop up around the nose, mouth, and jawline, and though many of these formations are a result of expression, they are also affected by the slackening of the skin.

To target fine lines and wrinkles, it’s important you incorporate a hydrating and smoothing serum into your skincare routine. Superfood Firming Serum is designed to do exactly that and is a natural, gentle solution for rejuvenating aging skin. Alternatively, you may like to try Rosehip Oil if you also experience sunspots and blemishes and would like to counter those at the same time as your fine lines.

Final Thoughts:

The changes brought on by menopause can be irritating, uncomfortable, and at times upsetting. While there’s much you can do to counter the skincare symptoms associated with this hormonal overhaul, it’s also important to seek balance in your lifestyle during this transitionary period. 

A lifestyle incorporating exercise, nutrition, relaxation and rest will do wonders for your health, which will, in turn, do a lot for your ‘get up and glow’. Look for foods containing Vitamin C for that all-important collagen production, as well as hormone-balancing phytoestrogen-rich ingredients such as ground flaxseeds, soybeans, tofu, tempeh, beans, and pulses, to help ease the hot flushes.

Above all, look after yourself. There’s nothing more beautiful than a happy, healthy smile.

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