5 Tricks To Help You Feel More Awake Without Coffee

If you’re in the huge majority of Americans* who drink at least one cup of coffee every day, chances are you’ve already had your morning fix by now. By mid-morning, you’re a lifeless zombie and you’re reaching for that next cup of joe. You barely make it through the afternoon without a post-lunch brew to keep the yawns at bay. But have you thought of the impact that all that caffeine is having on your health?

Perhaps you’re not partial to an espresso shot or two, but would still like to know how to feel less tired all the time? Either way, we’ve got you covered with 5 tricks to help you feel more awake, without relying on caffeine.

Why You Should Avoid Drinking Too Much Coffee:

You probably know how it feels to be over-caffeinated. Shaky hands, racing heart, a ‘jittery’ sensation… sounding familiar? All relatively harmless, yet inconvenient symptoms of having had a few too many jolts of java.

The health consequences of uncontrolled caffeine consumption, however, can be severe. If your intake reaches a dose of 1-1.5 grams of caffeine, you could be at risk of ‘caffeinism’: caffeine overdose, resulting in a state of excessive stimulation of the central nervous system.

In lower doses, symptoms of caffeine intoxication range from restlessness and nervousness, to migraines, gastrointestinal disturbance, and insomnia. In higher doses, you may also experience muscle twitching or heart rhythm disorder, which can be especially dangerous for those with existing heart conditions.

The estimated lethal dose of caffeine for humans is around 150-200mg per kilogram of body mass, though fatalities from lower doses have been seen in individuals whose ability to metabolize caffeine is impaired due to genetics or chronic liver disease. 

For healthy adults with no medical issues, it is generally agreed upon that 300-400mg of caffeine can be safely consumed daily. We’ve put together a simple visual guide of a range of caffeinated beverages, to help you check your daily intake: 

Bear in mind that some people are simply more sensitive to caffeine than others, so pay attention to your body’s signals that you might have reached your limit. If you start to feel that unwanted jittery sensation, begin taking on more water to help flush out the effects of one too many coffees.

Our 5 Favorite Tricks To Help You Feel More Awake:

Luckily for our readers, the Organica team took part in a company-wide coffee detox trial, and between us we tested a whole range of different energy-boosting methods, to see which would come out on top. Now here are our favorites to share with you:

1. Improve Your Posture

It might seem like more of an effort to concentrate on sitting upright or standing tall, but poor posture actually has a significant impact on our alertness. The effort your muscles need to put in to compensate for you sitting or standing with your spine out of alignment can lead to a constant feeling of fatigue. So perk up, and focus on that posture.

Here’s what Rachel, our Content Manager, thought of the method: 

“I was pleased to be given the posture method to try because I love to work out regularly, but realized I’d been completely neglecting my muscles at work; hunched over my desk, working away… no wonder I felt exhausted all the time! 

I just asked my desk buddy, Andrew, to nudge me every time I started to slump in my chair and took to walking around and stretching instead of automatically reaching for a coffee. Simple, but effective - surprisingly, this one really worked for me!”

2. Boost Levels Of Vitamin D

Ever wonder why you feel more groggy in the winter months? You’re probably low on Vitamin D, which we get from sunlight exposure. Fatigue is a common symptom of Vitamin D deficiency, and women of reproductive age are a particularly at-risk group. Top up your Vitamin D with a supplement to feel more spritely.

Here’s what Mike, one of our Media Buyers, thought of the method:

“Because of my job, I tend to be a bit of a night owl, and definitely don’t see enough sunshine every day - especially now we’re heading into Fall. I missed my extra strong black coffee at first, but after a week of taking the supplement daily I was shocked to find I really wasn’t as sleepy as before!”

3. Focus On Sleep Quality

Many of us struggle to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night, so it’s important to ensure the time you actually spend asleep is suitably restorative to get you through the day. Factors such as room temperature, alcohol, and caffeine intake can affect the quality of your sleep, so we charged the busy man at the heart of Organica, Founder and CEO Chris, with experimenting with his evening routine and energy levels. Here’s what he had to say:

“I love my work so I live and breathe it, which means at times I’m not great at prioritizing my sleep. I’ve found my brain’s often still ticking over in the evening with new ideas, so it can take a while to fall asleep - and I often don’t feel that rested the next day. 

So I introduced a coffee deadline, meaning no caffeine after 3 pm, and ditched my regular glass of wine with my evening meal. To help me drift off, I used our trusty Dream Lotion on my neck and forearms and the lavender oil really helped me to relax. I wear a sleep tracker on my wrist, and the results speak for themselves: I’m waking up far less in the night, and my usual bedtime has come forward an hour on average - I’m definitely going to keep this up.”

Our Dream Lotion supports deep and restful slumber by harnessing the power of natural oils with calming properties: Lavender Oil is known for its sleep-inducing benefits, while Bergamot Oil is proven to encourage the production of natural relaxation hormones in the brain. Lastly, studies have shown Cedarwood Oil can induce the release of Serotonin, which converts into Melatonin in the brain promoting restorative sleep.

4. Eat Food That Fuels Your Body

Nutrition is so important; you wouldn’t put molasses in your gas tank and expect it to fuel your vehicle, would you? So we need more than just caffeine to fuel our bodies. We gave Tiffany, our Junior Product Developer, the job of swapping her afternoon latte for a snack using two foods known to boost your energy levels - here’s how she got on:

“After some research, I opted for eggs and spinach as my two superfoods. Eggs are a complete protein jam-packed with essential amino acids, so they keep you fuelled for longer, whilst spinach ups your iron levels, ensuring an increase of oxygen flow to the brain to help you feel more alert.

My little protein pot afternoon snack, consisting of a hard-boiled egg and a handful of spinach leaves, stopped my afternoon slump and didn’t wear off quickly like my lattes!”

5. Use Energy-Boosting Essential Oils 

If you’re keen to swap caffeine for a more gentle energy remedy, then essential oils are a great little alternative to your toxin-loaded coffee. Citrus oils like grapefruit, bergamot, and orange are known to improve blood flow and fight hypertension, returning your zest for life - which is why we chose these three miracle oils for our Pure Energy Oil Roller.

Alana, our Office & Recruitment Manager, was given our Pure Energy Oil Roller to test instead of her coffee of choice, the cappuccino, and had this to say for her bean-free boost:

“I’m known in the office for turning up clutching onto a well-known white-and-green cup, so I wasn’t sure how this would go down. As Office Manager, I like to be in ahead of the rest of the team, so I kept one Oil Roller in my handbag that I could apply to my pulse points on my way into work. I kept another Oil Roller next to my keyboard, so any time I felt a yawn coming I could apply it to my wrists and temples.

Breathing in the zingy aroma of the essential oils made me feel more alert, and it really helped my energy levels, especially in the first few days where I was withdrawing from caffeine. I feel so much better using the Energy Oil Roller that I’ve decided to only allow myself a cappuccino on a Friday, and am sticking to my caffeine-free routine!”

Final Thoughts:

Whether you ditch the caffeine altogether, or just swap part of your daily coffee intake for one of our energy-boosting methods, your body and mind will thank you for it. We’ve put together a special discount on the Organica products we used in our coffee detox trial, so click here if you’d like to start feeling more awake by improving your sleep quality, and click here to up your energy with essential oils. We wish you luck with your caffeine-free endeavors!






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