5 Ways You Can Use Sleep To Develop Your Creative Side

Have you hit a wall when it comes to your creative side? Or is your creativity something you'd maybe like to explore? Either way we have the answer; Sleep. And it doesn't just mean getting your vital 8-hours (although it does help) but it has a lot to do with your dreams.

Some people claim they've never remembered a single dream, and some remember them all in perfect detail. Either way, these few tips and tricks can help boost your creativity as you sleep. 

Give it a go and see if your dreams can give you the inspiration you're looking for. 

Dream Therapy

Dream therapy, in short, is where dreams are tracked and explored in order to help understand stressors or triggers. 

One of the main forms of Dream Therapy is Dream Journaling such as keeping a notebook by your bed and noting down what your dreams were when you wake. (It’s normally important to record as soon as you wake up as we can often forget our dreams after a little while.)

Dreams have always been analyzed, some believe they conceal our unconscious mind or simply are the subconscious remains of the day. Whichever one you may believe, there are a number of benefits of Dream Therapy.

Dream Therapy can allow us to have a unique insight into our mood and emotions which we may oppress when conscious. It will spark creativity by allowing you to explore both symbolism and the subconscious.

Creative Sleeping

Penned by Stephen King, Creative Sleeping is very similar to Dream Therapy. When it comes to writing, Stephen King often drew on the similarity between dreaming and writing, as the moment between waking and sleeping is when we explore our repressed imagination. This means that writing as soon as we wake up about our dreams means exploring our creativity and imagination which we would have forgotten about by the time we’re fully awake. 

Scent Sleeping

A study by Dr Boris Stuck found that when giving women a certain scent when they slept had an effect on their dreams. Those given a rose scent tended to have more pleasant dreams than those who were given rotten eggs.

So try using scents, such as our Pure Rest Roller or our Dream Lotion, and you might find you have nicer dreams than before (not to mention you’ll fall into a deep sleep, quicker).

Dreaming with Purpose

You might find that you often dream about what you’ve been thinking about, watching or reading before you nod off which can sometimes be stressful, especially if you have something on your mind. Instead, try some mindful meditation before you go to sleep and plant a pleasant or creative idea so your mind can mull over it.

Lucid Dreaming

This is one that can often be a little more time consuming and can sometimes be hard to get any results from. You also don’t want to find yourself struggling to get enough sleep because you’ve been staying up trying to lucid dream.

One of the easiest ways to lucid dream is to wake up earlier than usual, then after about an hour of being awake, go back to sleep. This way you’ll experience more vivid dreams that you can remember and keep track of (and make sure you take note of what they were when you wake up). 

This will have the same effect as Creative Sleeping and Dream Therapy in the sense that tracking the way your mind wanders when you sleep and unearth a more creative way of thinking, and by lucid dreaming you'll remember even more.

Our Verdict

Exploring our creative side can help in so many aspects of our lives, and sometimes noting down and thinking about our dreams can have a positive effect on the way we see the world. It could possibly help you pick out possible triggers or stressors, and you can even make sure your dreams are pleasant so you can wake up on the right side of the bed the following morning. Give it a go and let us know what you think!

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