6 Surprising Heath Benefits of Gratitude

It’s the season to be thankful, but studies have shown that appreciating your friends, family, health, and circumstances can bring health benefits throughout the year, too!

Both mentally and physically, the health benefits of practicing gratitude are endless, but here are the 6 most impressive:

1. Helps You Sleep

We already know how your mental health can impact your sleeping patterns, but feeling grateful can actually help you sleep better and for longer! If you have positive thoughts before you go to sleep, you’re less likely to feel anxious and be kept awake with troubling thoughts. Introduce a night-time routine where you (alone or with a partner) write down your daily gratitude list. Even just discussing what you’re thankful for will help you sleep better!

2. Helps Ease Anxiety

Prompting your mind to think of positive and thankful thoughts helps improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety, by boosting your levels of happy hormones. Results can be seen in just a couple of weeks when individuals practiced gratitude every day.

3. Makes You More Patient

In a recent study, it was proven that those who felt grateful for small, everyday things were more patient and able to make informed decisions than those who didn’t feel thankful on a day-to-day basis.

4. Improves Your Relationship

Feeling grateful towards your partner, and feeling it in return, can improve your relationship on many levels. When you feel appreciated in a relationship, connections grow stronger and you feel happier towards one another.

5. Improves Self-Care

Individuals who practice gratitude are more likely to partake in wellbeing-boosting behaviors like exercise and clean eating. Studies often find a positive correlation between feelings of thankfulness and healthy habits – suggesting that giving thanks helps us appreciate and care for our bodies more!

6.  Helps You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Similar to the connection between gratitude and patience, gratitude also replenishes willpower. By feeling thankful, you can boost your feeling of control, helping you make better decisions when it comes to food. If you find yourself tempted by a second slice of pie, think about a few things you are grateful for to help distract your mind and clear your cravings.

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