6 Top Tips To Falling Asleep Faster | A Natural Guide

 After a long, long day at work, making dinner for my family, and a hearty glass of wine. I get into bed, turn the lights beside my bed off and wait for a soft, delicate slumber to come whisk me away to my dreams of George Clooney handing me a mimosa on the shores of the Caribbean. 

But unfortunately, this night like most nights, Mr Clooney is going to have to wait because my mind is doing summersaults, backflips, stage dives and pirouette’s as I remember that my daughter has a show and tell next week about our cat Tinkerbell or that my son had ran into a door in a bid to knock his tooth out. And so, this restless back and forth continues into the dead of night until I’m staring at the ceiling thinking about how much chocolate I’ve gorged so far this week. It’s Wednesday – Not good.

One night, exhausted from the lack of sleep I decided to do some research: How do I fall asleep faster? How do I achieve a deeper sleep? After months of testing countless products, I came up with the perfect formula. So, here are my 6 top tips and tricks to fall asleep quickly and easily...

1. No Caffeine Past 12pm 

For us coffee lovers this one can be particularly difficult, but with a range of delicious non-caffeinated hot drinks like camomile, mint or honey and ginger tea, you’ll give your mind time to de-stimulate preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep.

2. Dim your lights

Two hours before bedtime, do a sweep of your house and swap bright lights for softer lamps or candles. Dimming the lights let’s your body know it’s late, and tells it to get ready to shut down. Lavender scented candles are always a good idea.

3. Have a hot bath

Slipping into a hot bath or shower will relax you from head to toe, allowing your muscles to ease and unwind – Top tip, I like to pop on a special bath-time playlist to really help me chill!  

4. Dip into some organic sleep lotion

Gently sooth your relaxed body with Organica’s Sleep Lotion, usually I like to rub a small amount on my chest wrists and neck but if I’m feeling particularly stressed, I will massage the lotion onto my cheeks and chin. Take a few deep breaths and take in its relaxing scent.

5. Slip into silk

Comfortable lounge wear is key! I like to slide into my silk pyjamas as they are light and super cosy.

6. Share the lotion with your family

Sometimes my daughter will struggle sleeping too (she take’s after her mum) – In which case I will rub a small amount of sleep gently onto the tip of my daughter’s nose. It really works!

So, there it is, my 6 top tips to falling into a deeper, more satisfying sleep faster. I’ve been using Organica’s Dream Lotion for a few months now and personally I have seen I huge improvement to not only my sleep but also my life. Because I’m now able to catch those all-important Zzz’s, I have much more energy and am far less cranky.

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