6 Amazing Tricks To Growing Long, Healthy Nails!

Well, we can all admit that having luscious, long nails makes us feel incredible, right? I know I do! But how do you grow long healthy nails without falling into the nail destroying traps?

Lots of us struggle to keep our fingertips in a healthy condition due to the multiple other easier options out there waiting to mask our short, chipped nails; acrylic, gel and stick on false nails are just a few! But all we are doing is creating bigger problems and making our nails weaker and brittle. 

Long, luscious nails can make us all feel elegant and feminine, so it can be all too frustrating when you have short, over bitten, stubby nails! It can make you feel a little insecure and encourage a quick fix, trapping you in a toxic cycle of damaged nails! It is time to break the bad habits and learn how to look after and support our own fingertips. 

How Do Your Nails Grow?

Sometimes knowing how things work can give you a better understanding of how you can support the problem...

Made of the protein keratin (just like your hair), nails grow at the very top of your fingers and toes, produced from the root in your nail bed hidden under your cuticles. As the new cells form under your skin in the nail bed, it slowly grows, pushing the older, hardened keratin up along the surface of the skin under the nail. Due to tiny blood vessels, as your nails grow, they will be slightly pink in color, until they reach the edge of your fingertip and appear white or translucent – depending on the thickness and health of the nail.

That is where we come in! Here at Organica, we have compiled a list of 6 easy ways you can avoid those bad habits and get those unsightly fingertips looking thick, long and healthy!

1. Diet

Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but your nails are the indicator to what you’re putting in your body. You see, everything you eat or drink can be reflected in how your nails look and grow, reacting to what nutrients and vitamins your body is absorbing. Eating lots of fatty, high sugar foods will not only affect your nail growth but will also cause negative health problems for your organs, hair, and skin.

Start eating foods such as broccoli, nuts, eggs, fish, cauliflower and whole grains. The vitamins in these foods will support your body in more ways than one. For example, broccoli helps the body absorb protein, which will help with keratin production, supporting your nail growth. Fish and other foods packed with omega-3 fatty acids will help your nail bed health, which will then, in turn, help you develop and grow stronger nails.

2. Goodbye Fake Nails!

I get it, sitting down in the salon and letting the stresses of the day leave you, while a technician pampers and transforms your nails into perfectly shaped talons is a much easier option when it comes to transforming your fingertips. Although your hands will look beautiful, you’re actually damaging your real nail underneath. Lots of false nails; stick on or acrylic are awful when you’re trying to grow long, healthy nails naturally.

Particularly people who have a habit of biting their nails, false nails combat this because we believe the nail will grow underneath, but that isn’t the case. Just think, every time you apply acrylics, the technician will shave and file layers of the nail away, leaving vulnerable layers of keratin exposed. This will create dips and ridges on the surface of the nail, making them appear uneven and bumpy. With fewer layers growing, each nail will become fragile and weak, easily breakable and unhealthy. 

Try to say goodbye to the regular salon visits and give your nails a break. Gradually, your nails will grow back stronger, thicker and healthier. 

3. Moisturize Your Nails

The health of your nail and cuticle bed is imperative when it comes to growing beautiful, long, healthy nails. The more hydrated you are, the better your nails will feel and flourish. So, adding moisture daily to your nails and fingertips will not only help reduce dryness of your skin but it will also create the right environment for nail growth.  

The tricky part can come when trying to find the right nail care product. It is very easy to get lost and confused in it all – so we have made it that bit easier. Here at Organica, we believe that a natural solution is always best. The last thing you want to do is add more chemicals to your vulnerable nails and hope that it makes them stronger and longer! Our Nail Guardian has been formulated by experts to help revive damaged and weak nails that just need a little extra boost. This serum can improve brittle, dry nails by adding beneficial moister to your nail bed and cuticles, supporting any new regrowth.


4. Try Biotin Supplements

Attaining the perfect natural nail doesn’t have to come from the outside…you can achieve this by adding a few needed supplements to your life. When your nails break easily and feel flaky and brittle, it could be due to a biotin deficiency. Our body absorbs biotin through our diet, particularly from foods such as eggs, dairy, and bananas, so if you’re not providing enough of the vitamin, it can affect the way your nails grow. To combat this lack of biotin, you can get supplements to help boost the vitamin and support your nail health.  

5. Say No To Acetone! 

Picking your nail polish off is a huge NO, but did you know that sometimes the nail polish remover you’re using is creating more issues than peeling a few layers of the nail away? Acetone is a common chemical put into polish removers. The strong chemical is actually damaging your nails by drying them and absorbing any moisture in your fingertips! Have you ever noticed your nails look white or yellow after using polish remover? This is due to the acetone removing any moisture from the layers of your nail. If your nails are already dry and brittle, the acetone exposure will only make this problem worse!

The answer? There are plenty of nail polish removers in the drug store that are acetone free - they are the ones you need to start using. Before you know it, your fingertips will be happy and healthy once they have had a separate from acetone nail polish removers!

6. Hydration

Something as simple as drinking enough water during the day can help your nail growth and health. Just like a plant (well, somewhat) your nails will thrive if hydrated correctly. We already know that drinking water can help your skin avoid becoming dull, dry and dreary, but it is the exact same for your nails. The more hydrated you are, the less brittle your nails will grow – which means fewer breakages when they grow longer, past your fingertip.

If your nails are constantly breaking, peeling or tearing, this could be a sign that you’re dehydrated. The more your drink, the more likely your body will flush damaging toxins away, leaving your fingertips looking strong and healthy, preventing dry and flaky cuticles and nails.

Final Thoughts  

So, the key to growing long, strong nails is to make sure you look after them. It doesn’t take any conscious effort for them to grow, but if you give them a little support along the way through your diet and daily skin care routine, you can see some incredible changes in their health and appearance. Not only will having healthier, better-looking nails help your confidence, but it will also help your wallet! With less reason to go to the salon, you'll be able to enjoy beautiful fingertips and spend the extra cash on something else! 

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