7 Benefits of Using Orange Oil

Orange oil is one of the most powerful and potent oils that can be used for both the mind and the body. But what can it be used for? In short, so many things! But we've listed 7 of the most common uses of orange oil and how it can help you! Here at Organica, we believe that the most natural ingredients are the most powerful ones. Read on to find out what products of ours include orange oil and how best to use!

1. Immunity Enhancer

This amazing oil can help prevent illnesses and keep our immune system in tip-top condition. Limonene, a monocyclic monoterpene, fights oxidative stress that can affect our immune system. Using orange oil, whether internally, topically or aromatically, will help fight off those pesky coughs and colds!

2. Anxiety Calmer

Orange oil has been proven to be uplifting and promote a positive mood and reduce stress. Some aromatherapists even use orange oil as a natural antidepressant and have been doing for centuries. Even just five minutes of exposure to diffused orange oil can enhance your mood, relaxation, and clarity as it has a direct effect on the olfactory system, creating emotional responses. 

An easy way to start using orange oil is through an effective essential oil roller that you can carry around with you. Both our Pure Zen and Pure Energy rollers have orange oil in them to really help boost your mood and enhance relaxation. Our Pure Energy blends orange oil with the best quality bergamot and grapefruit oils, which work alongside to improve circulation and give you back that bit of energy when you’re feeling run down! Pure Zen is for releasing tension and stress and is full of orange oil, along with lavender and geranium oil to encourage feelings of calm and serenity for when stress gets a little too much. Click through the links above for 30% OFF our rollers!

3. Antibacterial

Essential oils from citrus fruits are often used as a natural antibacterial, meaning they're great when used in cleaning products. A study found that orange oil can even inhibit the spread of salmonella bacteria. 

4. Lower Blood Pressure

Orange oil is often used as a natural remedy for high blood pressure and it can improve blood flow and fight hypertension. A study found that those who inhaled orange oil rather than fresh air, experience significant reductions in their blood pressure. They also felt more comfortable and relaxed, too.

5. Anti-inflammatory

Orange oil has been shown to fight pain, infection and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Against popular anti-inflammatory oils such as lemon, pine, and eucalyptus, orange oil was the most effective at reducing inflammation.

6. Pain Reducer

Orange oil is also effective at helping muscle, joint or even bone pain, preventing swelling in the tissue. Rubbing orange oil onto sore muscles and swollen areas will help decrease inflammation and ease the pain.

7. Better Sleep

Even though orange oil is best used to uplift your spirits, it can still be used before bed. It means it will leave you feeling happier and calmer, perfect for drifting off.

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