7 Reasons You Feel Tired After A Full-Nights Sleep

Sometimes, even after the longest and most restful sleep, you can still wake up feeling, well, tired. Which can leave you wondering, how?!

If you find yourself feeling tired, your number one priority should be to get a good nights sleep and take it easy until you feel better. But sometimes this isn't enough. If nothing seems to be helping, it could point to a number of different things. Everything from deficiencies to mental health issues.

So, if you're suffering from post-sleep fatigue, have a read of this blog to see if you can find the other reason you're not feeling as awake as you should be. 

1. Dehydration 

If you’re not drinking enough water,  you’ll cause a drop in your blood pressure, meaning a slower delivery in oxygen to the brain - leaving you feeling fatigued, drowsy and dizzy. 

The amount of water you should drink changes from person to person, but if you’re going to the toilet 3 times a day or fewer, chances are you need to up your fluid intake. Aim for 6-8 glasses a day (which includes coffee and tea, too) and you should be back on track. 

2. Under-Active Thyroid

Your thyroid is in control of releasing certain hormones to regulate sleep and hunger, so when it’s under-active, it can leave you feeling lethargic, no matter how much sleep you’re getting.

Often, you’ll find yourself oversleeping, but it’s a hard one to diagnose without a doctor. If you find yourself feeling tired even though you’re getting plenty of sleep, book an appointment. All it takes is a blood test to diagnose an under-active thyroid.

3. Alcohol Pre-Bedtime

While alcohol can be the go-to after a long, hard day, and it may seem like one glass is harmless, any amount of alcohol can affect your sleep. Whilst it might make you feel sleepy, it actually gets in the way of your REM sleep, which is crucial for memory, growth, and repair. This means you’ll still wake up feeling drowsy and fatigued.

4. Or Even Sleep Apnea

This disorder affects up to 7% of the population, and it means that as you sleep you occasionally stop breathing, causing you to wake up continuously throughout the night.

It sounds worse than it is, but it will disrupt your sleep, stopping you from entering into REM sleep.

It’s also incredibly hard to diagnose yourself as you won’t remember waking up and going back to sleep. If you snore and tend to wake up with a headache then speak to your doctor about your concerns. 

5. Too Much Napping? 

If you feel tired throughout the day then it’s tempting to take a nap to keep you going, but it can actually leave you feeling more tired than before.

After 30 minutes of sleep, you enter into the REM sleep which lasts an hour. If you wake up after 30 minutes and break the cycle, you’ll feel groggy and naturally want to keep sleeping. If you want to sleep longer than 30 minutes, aim for a 90-minute nap.

6. Mental Health

One side-effect of depression is constant tiredness, which doesn’t necessarily make you sleep more, but leaves you feeling groggy and drowsy throughout the day no matter how many hours sleep you had the night before.

If you think that this might be the reason you're feeling more tired than normal, then have a chat with your doctor and see what they can offer to help.

7. What's Missing From Your Plate?

Magnesium helps to maintain the blood glucose levels, your muscle health and your ability to concentrate. So, if you’re lacking the magnesium you need, you could be left feeling tired all day.

You can either stock-up on leafy greens like kale and spinach, or take magnesium supplements to make up for the deficiency.

Our Verdict

It can be easy to assume that the reason you’re feeling so tired is because you’re not getting enough sleep, but if you find yourself still feeling tired after 8 hours sleep then it’s best to spend a little time thinking about why you might be feeling more tired than you should. From mineral deficiencies to mental health, feeling tired can be a warning sign for something else. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns. 

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