The 7 Things Causing Your Morning Headaches

When you wake up in the morning, you are supposed to feel refreshed, well-rested, and ready to tackle a new day! However, there can be times when this doesn’t actually happen - instead, you rise from your bed with a throbbing headache, that leaves you wondering whether you should call in sick and go to see a doctor.

There are a number of reasons why you might wake up from your sleep feeling less than dreamy, and most of the time, they are nothing serious to worry about. Keep reading below to discover the 7 most common causes for a throbbing headache that starts at the crack of dawn, and the remedies to cure it.

1. Lack Of Sleep

Our bodies require seven to eight hours of shuteye in order to function properly, so when you don’t meet this nightly sleep quota, your system goes into ‘panic mode’! This encourages your hormones to kick in, and results in an increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, stress, and therefore, a headache.

If you get the chance, try to take a 20-30 minute nap using the soporific benefits of our Dream Lotion; it will provide your body with sufficient rest for you to make it through the day. But don’t overdo it! Longer naps (up to an hour) will work against you, and leave you feeling groggy!

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2. Oversleeping

Just as not enough sleep can be detrimental to you, so can too much sleep! Studies show that snoozing for more than nine hours at a time is highly associated with a decrease in serotonin (the ‘happiness hormone’) -  this reduces blood flow to the brain and can trigger a nasty headache as you wake.

While the prospect of sleeping in on the weekends sounds exciting, try and maintain the same seven-eight hours of sleep intervals you get during the weekdays, rather than overcompensate. If you have trouble waking up, remember to set an alarm to help get you out of bed. You will wake up feeling more rested, and ready to take on any weekend activities!

3. Alcohol Consumption

Having one too many glasses of wine the night before can seriously impact you in the morning. But while hangovers are usually associated with over-indulging on alcohol, even a couple of drinks before bed can leave you dehydrated, and more prone to waking up with a pounding head. Drinking excessively in the evening or late at night can also affect the quality of your sleep, so even if you got your recommended eight hours in bed, it might not have been a rewarding sleep!

If you choose to consume alcohol in the evenings or before bed, make sure you drink a lot of water before getting in between the sheets. Rehydrating with water or electrolyte drinks in the morning is also helpful to alleviate your symptoms. Vitamin C tablets dissolved into a cup of water can speed up your recovery process by helping your liver process the alcohol more effectively, and helping remove it from your system faster!

4. Snoring

Besides making an irritating noise, snoring can be a potential sign of sleep apnea. Symptoms of this condition include gasping for air, choking, and even go as far as temporarily stopping your breathing during sleep! While these episodes may only last for a few seconds, they can result in less oxygen reaching your brain - leading to your blood vessels expanding, increasing your blood flow and thus causing a headache.

If you sleep alone, you might not even realize you are suffering from sleep apnea! The way to keep this condition under control is by wearing a breathing machine while sleeping, which will help regulate your nightly behavior; however, a correct diagnosis from your physician is necessary.

If you are just a serial snorer, however, the constant vibrations of your relaxed palate and echoing snore can also be the cause of your morning migraine. Not only this… but your partner may wake up with a headache, too!

5. Endorphin Imbalance

Your body produces endorphins (also known as the ‘feel good hormone;) every day, but it is at its lowest in the morning. Reduced endorphin levels can affect other neurotransmitters in your body (such as serotonin), triggering migraines.

Unfortunately, medical experts have yet to determine why some people get a headache, while others don’t; until further research, one way of putting an end to a morning migraine could be working out first thing in the morning, since this releases endorphins quickly into your body to counteract the drop in levels.

6. Coffee Withdrawal

Waking up to a hot cup of joe can be blissful, but if it is part of your morning routine, a headache might just be trying to remind you to drink your coffee! Since caffeine is a mild drug that stimulates your nervous system, missing your regular coffee in the AM can result in throbbing head pain. Caffeine withdrawal can kick in within as little as 12 hours, and the first symptom is usually a niggling tension headache.

Heavy coffee drinkers, or people who have their morning cup around the same time every day, are more likely to be affected by this. Best solution? Sip on your hot drink ASAP! If you are looking to cut caffeine out of your life altogether, consider doing it slowly, over the course of a few weeks, so your body has time to adjust to this change properly.

7. High Blood Pressure

Increased blood pressure (defined as 140/90 mm Hg or above) is an incredibly common cause of headaches since the raised blood flow is exerting more pressure on your brain. Amazingly, your brain requires 20% of the blood that’s flowing in your body, so that’s 2-2.5 pints of blood being pumped into your frontal lobes in force, at any given time! This condition doesn’t necessarily exhibit any outward symptoms besides a headache, so it is possible you might suffer from high blood pressure without knowing.

Consult your doctor if you experience frequent, unexplainable headaches. If diagnosed with high blood pressure, there are certain lifestyle changes you can make to alleviate the pain (e.g. diet adjustments or exercise plans), or may be prescribed medication by your doctor.

Final Thoughts

Morning headaches are more common than you think, and relatively easy to take care of. Our Pure Mind Oil Roller delivers a blend of expertly researched, natural oils that have been proven to reduce tension headaches. In rare circumstances, your headaches could be an indicator for a serious underlying health issue (such as an aneurysm, or a brain tumor), so speak to your doctor if you suffer from frequent headaches. You should also contact your physician if your headaches are affecting your life, or impairing your work abilities, as there are certain tests or exams that can be used to determine the cause of your headaches, and work to get rid of them!

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