8 Easy Steps to Become a Morning Person

This is for those who don’t count themselves as a morning person. You might be a night owl (or a constantly exhausted pigeon) and struggle to get up earlier than you really really have to. But one thing you are good at is getting ready at speed because getting ready in 20 minutes = more time in bed.

So to help you owls out, we’ve listed the 8 things to do so you can become a morning person and get to work looking bright eyed and ready to start the day.

1. No Alcohol

Even if alcohol helps you sleep quicker (and it can be quite tempting to use this technique if you’re struggling to fall asleep on an evening) it does mean that the sleep you get will be less restful. So even though you fall asleep sightly earlier, you won’t feel fully rested when you wake up, making it harder to drag yourself out of bed.

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2. No Snoozing

We’re all guilty of it, and I’ve been known to have at least 4 alarms on my phone so I can snooze them all until the last one, but snoozing actually makes you feel more tired. The sleep you manage to get in-between each snooze won’t be restful and will cause you to feel groggier than ever. Set one alarm and stick to it.

3. No Coffee

(At least not first thing). When you wake up, reach for the water instead of the caffeinated stuff. Overnight, your body becomes dehydrated, which ultimately causes fatigue. So drinking water as soon as you wake up will not only hydrate you but will help your body maintain a healthy flow of oxygen, making you feel rested and full of energy.

4. Yes To Sunshine

It’s probably true that the last thing you want to do is open your curtain to blinding sunshine when you’re still half-awake but seeing some sun will remind your internal clock that it’s morning and it’s time to wake up. If you have to wake up when it’s still dark, consider getting yourself a light therapy box which mimics outdoor light (and you can schedule when it turns on).

5. Yes To Music

You know the happy, uplifting feeling you get when you listen to your favorite song? Well, if you listen to it on a morning (or even set it as your alarm) it can make your morning slightly more bearable. Studies have shown that your brain release a significant amount of dopamine when your favorite song comes on, so it might not make getting out of bed much easier, but you’ll definitely be in a better mood.

6. Yes To Exercise

As a non-morning person, the idea of exercise as soon as you wake up might not seem appealing, but it will get you invigorated and help you sleep on an evening, too. If it seems unlikely you’ll find yourself on a treadmill at 8am, try some light yoga poses and stretches instead (you can even do these on your bedroom floor).

7. Yes to Essential Oils

To really help wake you up on a morning, or get you through the 3 pm dip, we have the perfect Pure Energy essential oil roller, formulated to boost your energy levels and calm any anxiety. The Orange and Grapefruit Oil will fight hypertension, improve blood-flow and enhance your mood! What better way to combat tiredness throughout the day. For 30% off, click through this link!

8. Yes To a Good Breakfast  

We know that you’ve heard this one before. A good breakfast sets you up for the day and helps you feel more energized. Try eating foods rich in protein and fiber and avoid fats and potassium as these will leave you sluggish.


We can’t guarantee these 7 things will transform you into the morning person you’ve always wanted to be, but it will certainly help make your mornings easier and get your circadian rhythm on track. To find out more about your body’s natural cycle, head over to our blog about it.

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