7 Ways To Keep Your Feet Feeling Fab This Party Season

The table’s been folded away, the last chocolates are left in the box, the trash has been put out on the curb - is that it? All done for another year? It always goes as quickly as it comes, huh?

Of course, there’s one more big bonanza to come - New Year’s Eve! That one night of the year where we can let go of everything the past 365 days have thrown at us, and welcome the new year to come. This year marks the end of a decade too, so it might be feeling extra significant and special to you. 

That means it’s time to put on your glad rags and tap tap tap your toes into your party shoes - but if the idea of revealing your feet fills you with dread, this may put a dampener on your mood and leave you wanting to hide in 2019.

Our feet carry us through our lives, and they might have trodden through a lot over the past decade. They’ve aged with us, traveled with us, cringed with us and boogied with us and after a potentially chaotic Christmas, they might be looking and feeling pretty pooped!

The Organica Team has been twiddling our toes over how best to treat your feet to make sure they’re feeling fabulous and ready to carry you into 2020. We’ve come up with 7 simple, most natural ways to get your digits back to the divine. We all know to get to the top, you have to start from the bottom so don’t leave your hardworking feet out of the party prep - walk all over the most organic and nourishing hints we’ve gathered together for you below!

1. Massage

We all know how wonderful a massage is, but have you ever prioritized massaging your feet? Take a seat with a golf or tennis ball, or specially designed massage ball, and place it under your foot. Roll it from heel to toe, taking more time on areas that might feel a little uncomfortable at first. This simple technique will rid your feet of fatigue and any discomfort and make your tootsies look totally gorgeous. You could also ask someone else to rub your feet for you if the mood takes you!

2. Banish The Blades

That’s right - no knives or blades, graters or other metal fixes to your feet, please. You shouldn’t try to remove calluses, dry skin, or blisters yourself using methods like these. That’s a sure-fire way to make your digits look disgusting. Treat yourself and go and see a professional who knows how to fight in your favor when it comes to your feet.

3. Clean Up

As in all skincare, looking good starts with cleansing and it’s no different for your feet. If your footsies aren’t clean they won’t absorb moisturizer or nutrients, and in time will lead to cracked and aged looking feet. Be thorough and don’t forget your toe webs or cuticles. Use room temperature water with a natural soap (really hot water will dry the feet out), and try to clean your feet before going to bed, or you’ll sleep in today’s dirt.

4. Towel It Out

Drying your feet properly will help prevent odor and fungi infections. After cleansing, dry your feet thoroughly with a towel. If your feet sweat, why not try sprinkling some baby powder inside your sock/shoe? As a general rule, avoid wearing the same shoes for too long too (take two pairs to the party! Why not!?)

5. Moisturizing Is A Must

After you’ve cleansed properly and dried thoroughly it’s time to move in with moisture!

Have you tried our 100% organic Heel Defend foot cream? It’s an intensely moisturizing formula that relieves dry, hard skin and calluses. It contains aloe vera and safflower oil which deeply nourishes and hydrates the foot and allows maximum skin softening and restoration. The infusion of chamomile oil soothes irritated and inflamed skin. It also helps fight fungus with the inclusion of tea tree oil which acts as an antiseptic. Even dermatologists recommend Heel Defend to their patients, so why not give it a go?

After applying foot cream, pop on a pair of pure cotton socks to help reduce evaporative loss and keep the moisture sealed in. Nature has made our feet to be tough - but that also means that the skin all over our feet needs moisturizing more intensely, and more frequently, than the rest of our body. Don’t take moisturizing your tootsies lightly!

6. Nail It

No party feet are complete without a pop of color! However, your nails become more brittle with age and ingredients in some polish and polish remover can speed the process of drying out the nails. When painting, make sure to use a base coat on both finger and toenails to protect the nail from the harsh chemicals in polish.

Are your nails needing a trim? Be careful, because your technique matters. Clumsy trimming and cutting them too short or unevenly can encourage ingrowing toenails and hangnails - not a pretty sight! Pop to a pedicurist pre-party, or if you are doing it yourself - look for nail clippers that have a curved handle and a cutting jaw shaped to follow the natural curve of your nails.

Ooh, and your nails need moisture too! Pop on some Organica Nail Guardian Serum to rejuvenate any weak and brittle looking toenails. Simply rub the serum into and around your nails, being sure to include the cuticle, and gently rub it in.

7. Put Your Feet Up

If you’ve traveled a lot over Christmas, or have found yourself on your feet for long periods of time, they might feel a touch swollen - not a good look in your high heels! So, prop up your legs or lie on your back with your legs raised and pressed against the wall and give that swelling a chance to reduce. A necessary lie down, you say? We’ll take any excuse!

Final Thoughts

Your feet are the foundation of your body: they deserve as much attention as the rest of you. Follow our natural hints, nurture your feet and walk into 2020 with confidence. Happy New Year to all our Organica readers! 

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