Best Tips for Post-Workout Skin Care

 You’ve just finished your workout. The endorphins are pumping and you’re feeling great! Sweaty and pumped, you head for the changing rooms and look in the mirror…UTOH! Your skin is red, blotchy, and you’re sure you can sense a breakout about to occur.

We’re all been there, right? Exercise is amazing for your health, body, and mind, but unfortunately, regular sweating and those dirty gym mats can play havoc with your skin.

Here are some top tips to ensure your regular workouts don’t leave you with sorry skin… 

No Touchy!

Post-workout skin care starts before you even hit the changing rooms! During your workout, our hands touch a wide range of equipment, door handles, mats and more, which can be covered with more germs than a toilet seat! Try your hardest not to touch your face during your work-out, or you’ll risk transferring the bacteria onto your skin.

Down the Hatch!

Making sure you are adequately hydrated before, during and after your workout is key to keeping your skin healthy. Your body has lost a lot of water through sweating, so make sure you replace it to avoid dull, dry looking skin. 

Gently Does it

After you sweat, your pores will be open and your skin is more susceptible to damage and breakouts. The best way to look after it is to use a gentle cleanser and clean water to remove any dirt or sweat still on your skin. Resist the urge to exfoliate post-workout, as this is far too harsh and could leave your dermis damaged.

Don’t Neglect Your Body

Your entire body would have sweated during that HIIT workout, not just your face! Don’t wait until you get home to shower off the sweat, or you could find yourself breaking out on your back, shoulders, and chest, too. Keep a natural body wash in your gym bag and try to shower straight after your workout has ended.

Moisturize, Moisturize…

Our sweat is salty. Salt absorbs water and dries out the skin. Your post-workout complexion will be gasping for some thirst-quenching moisturizer to replenish the water it’s lost during your gym session, so make sure you’re not sparing with the application! Make sure you go for an oil-free moisturizer to avoid any clogged pores and keep it light enough for your skin to absorb quickly and easily.

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