Can A Smooch Reduce Stress? The Health Benefits of Kissing

10 Reasons Why Kissing Is Good for Your Health

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and whether you’re single, taken, or anything in between, it’s worth knowing that kissing can be beneficial in more ways than one! Emotional and physical well-being is important to look after, and what better way to look after yourself than a little – or a lot of – lip action?

1.  Kissing can make you happier

We don’t just mean it will make you giddy, especially when it’s someone you like, but it is proven to scientifically release hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine, which will lift your mood, and possibly give you that tingly feeling inside.

2. It can relieve stress hormones

Day to day life may cause your stress levels to heighten sometimes, and what’s happening is an increase in cortisol levels. Kissing can help to relax the body and reduce the levels of cortisol in your system. The mix of declining cortisol and increasing serotonin will help you unwind.

3. Lowers cholesterol

High levels of cortisol are also linked with cholesterol. The decrease in cortisol and relaxation of the body can help to reduce your cholesterol levels. A 2009 study in the Western Journal of Communication[1] indicates that affectionate behavior can relieve the symptoms of stress, and therefore help to lower cholesterol.

4. A natural painkiller

When you’re in pain, a make-out session might not be the first thing on your mind, but don’t dismiss it! Kissing can alleviate pain, such as headaches or menstrual cramps by dilating our blood vessel and releasing oxytocin. Amazing! When we are aroused, adrenalin shoots around the body, especially to certain areas, and doesn’t restrict blood vessels.

5. Helps with allergies

Another natural relief of symptoms, but this time for mild allergies. A 2003 study in Japan found that kissing someone for 30 minutes can relieve someone of allergy symptoms. Kissing causes the body to relax and reduces the presence of histamine chemicals, which is what causes allergic reactions.

6. Reduces blood pressure

A passionate kiss can be the perfect cardio work out for your heart. Andrea Demirjian[2] says that it helps blood flow smoothly to all the vital organs by dilating the blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure and eases the pressure on your heart. 

7. Improves oral health

Do not stop brushing your teeth, but, kissing can really affect your oral health. Kissing increases the secretion of saliva in the mouth, which washes away the plaque that builds up in the mouth. Plaque often leads to cavities, so if you hate the dentist, get smooching!

8. It can develop your immune system

This might depend on who you’re kissing, but kissing can help to improve your immune system in more ways than one. By reducing stress, and being more relaxed generally, your immune system is stronger. While kissing, you swap saliva with the other person, and people tend to hold different bacteria and have different immunity. A study[1] completed in 2014 suggests that couples who kiss regularly share ‘salivary microbiota’. Sharing the bacteria gives you the means to fight off more illnesses!

9. It can heighten the chance of orgasm

Kissing is the first form of foreplay and is one of the main points of arousal on the body, so it’s important to keep the mouth action going. It can increase intimacy between partners as well as physically turning on all involved, both of which increases satisfaction.

10. Get those gains

Passionately kissing can use more than 30 facial muscles, so if you’re looking to tone up, why not spend some time smooching? You can’t reach those muscles at the gym! Not only that, but you can burn some serious calories if you’re going at it.


First and foremost, kissing is great fun and can help to increase intimacy between partners, but with all these health benefits there is more reason to get romantic! Studies imply that being in a loving relationship can make you happier and increase chances of living longer, so if you find the right person, make sure you give them more than a peck when you can. It’s only good for your health.


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