Can Potatoes Cure Acne?

Acne is the most common skin condition known in the USA. It’s currently estimated that around 60 million Americans suffer with this painful skin ailment, and 20% of those have flare-ups severe enough to cause scarring and long-term skin damage. 

There are hundreds of creams, pills, gels and lotions on the market which claim to help cure the visible effects of acne, but most of these contain a high-level of harsh, harmful chemicals, and can even result in some nasty side-effects.

In a bid to discover some less abrasive, natural alternatives, we’ve dived a little deeper into some of the more bizarre claims - like ‘can potatoes cure acne?!’

Scrolling the internet, hundreds of people have raved about the positive effect potato slices and juice has had on their breakouts, but is there any science behind it? Or is it just an old wives’ tale?

What’s in a Potato?

Potatoes are a starchy food, composed primarily of water, carbohydrates and a small amount of protein. Potatoes contain around 25% of both vitamin B and C, and this could explain how they treat acne breakouts so well…


There are a couple of theories behind why and how potatoes can help with acne breakouts, ranging from the vitamin content, to the cooling effects of the flesh and juice. 

Users have claimed that placing slices of raw potato on the skin can act as a natural anti-inflammatory and exfoliator, cooling and soothing sore breakouts and diminishing the redness of flare-ups. Much like how cucumbers are used on the eyes in spa treatments, potatoes can sooth the skin, calming the inflammation caused by acne.

In regards to the vitamin content, vitamin B and C are both hugely effective water-soluble skincare ingredients, and can be found in many leading skincare products. They can improve the brightness of skin, rectify discoloration, and generally improve overall skin health. Vitamin B is also linked to the regulation of hormone activity, which in turn, could help balance skin flare-ups if they seem to be hormonal.

The Verdict

Although not backed by medicine, it’s worth a try if you suffer with painful, red and inflamed breakouts. Most people have a potato in their kitchen, so it could be worth trying. 

Each person will have a slightly different result from natural remedies, depending on the severity of your acne and how your skin reacts – but after so many success stories out there, I think it could be worth testing!

So, before you reach for the chemically-laden acne cream, try the humble spud to calm your breakouts and see if your skin loves potatoes as much as your stomach!

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