Can These Household Spices Become Your “Natural Sleeping Pill”?

Sleep is incredibly important for our health, and you know what? It’s something that we have in common…we all need sleep! So, when you’re having difficulty drifting off, it can be a real problem and can significantly affect your life in a negative way. So how would you feel if I told you that the answer to your sleeping problems could be in your kitchen cupboard right now?

When you have difficulty sleeping, you may have experienced lying in bed struggling to turn off, clock ticking on, knowing that you have to be up and out of the house in less than 3 hours? It is awful! How are you going to get through the day with little to no sleep? That is a question asked by so many people every day! Roughly 60 million Americans are affected by some form of sleeping disorder each and every year! [1] That’s a lot of us suffering from sleep-related issues.

Sleeping problems can create more issues than just the expected and obvious tiredness! A lack of sleep can cause headaches, an inability to concentrate and a huge change in your emotional state! It is no wonder that so many American’s have resorted to medication [2] to help them combat their sleeping troubles. This is incredibly troubling, as sleeping pills can cause a lot more damage to you than you may know, including dizziness, suppressed breathing and even addiction. [3]

There are lots of other options available to us, though, including some ingredients that you may already have hiding in your home! Take a look below at some of the natural sleep-inducing spices that can help us get that much-needed shut-eye…

Nutmeg… Yes, Nutmeg!

It may surprise you, but nutmeg comes with some impressive health benefits, beyond making a delicious festive cake! The little pot of power sitting in your kitchen (or in the supermarket waiting for your purchase) has some powerful qualities that can help transform your nighttime niggles! Packed with nutrients, dietary fibers, beta-carotene (an organic antioxidant found in plants and fruit) and those much-needed vitamins - nutmeg has quite the powerful, positive effect on us. When consumed in small doses, nutmeg has been proven [4] to have calming influence on our tired bodies, too. It has been used for centuries in many ancient medicinal practices for its sleep-inducing consequences.

How To Use Nutmeg For Better Sleep…

Nutmeg can be used in all different ways! You can add it to your homemade soup or curry, or sprinkle a little dash onto your pasta in the evening. It is a warm spice that you can add to any cooking – sweet or savory! But, if you’re unsure about adding it to your meals, scatter a little pinch of nutmeg powder into a glass of warm milk, water or juice (depending on your taste) just before bed. The nutmeg will work its way into your system, relaxing your mind and will relieve the mental pressures that, in turn, will help you drift off to sleep! It is worth giving it a try!

The Cumin Seed!

Cumin is another household spice that can help beat those frustrating sleep complaints and release the hard grip of insomnia! With its high content of magnesium (which has a huge direct link with improving the quality of sleep [5]), this spice will help reduce your sleep difficulties once you add it to your daily routine. And, on a huge plus note, not only does cumin help with your sleep, but it also has properties that can help with your digestion, cognitive function and can even give you relief from hemorrhoid strain…a seed with a lot to give!

How To Use Cumin For Better Sleep…

Very similar to nutmeg, cumin can be added to many dishes, giving them a warm and homely taste. Why not scatter the seeds lightly into a soup or a stew and enjoy the newly added flavor? Or, if you fancy something different, mash up a banana, add a dash of cumin seeds and enjoy every bite knowing that it will benefit your sleep. And, just as before with nutmeg, adding a dash of cumin to a warm drink before bed will also do the trick! [6]

The Power Of Saffron!

These vivid crimson threads can do wonders for those of us suffering from long term sleep difficulties. This spice contains mild, natural sedative properties that can help you get that long night’s sleep you’re desperate for. Along with that, saffron’s delightful properties don’t just impact your sleep positively, it can also help with your vision, asthma and can normalize an irregular menstrual cycle! [7] What can’t this spice do?

How To Use Saffron For Better Sleep…

Saffron can be added to a night time drink, too! (There is a bit of a common theme with all these spices!) When heating the milk, add 2-5 strands of saffron and stir until the milk turns golden – drink an hour before you’re heading up to bed. Before you know it, you’ll be drifting off into a restful, deep sleep…all thanks to that pot of bright red spice sitting in your cupboard! If you don’t drink dairy, this works just as well in coconut or almond milk, too!

Not Quite A Spice, But Just As Powerful…

Now, I know this article is about the soporific benefits of household spices, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the garden, too! Lavender, although more of a herb than a spice, is probably the world’s most well-known sleep-inducer! Here at Organica, we’ve seen first-hand how beneficial this purple plant is on our sleeping habits, and out best-selling Dream Lotion – that’s packed full of Lavender, Bergamot, and Cedarwood – has been proven to help you drift into a deeper, more restful sleep in just 10 minutes! Try it for yourself today…

Final Thoughts

It is strange that something our bodies all need can actually be very difficult for some of us to obtain! Trouble sleeping can take such a negative toll on our bodies, but if we find ways to help our minds and bodies unwind, we can fall into a blissful night sleep without relying on pills and medication. When you’re next at the supermarket or cooking in the kitchen, grab the spices and add them to your evening meals. You could be saying goodbye to the pills and hello to a night of blissful, natural sleep.

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