COMING SOON! Organica’s Brand New Range of Essential Oil Rollers

Essential oils have been used for centuries to benefit all areas of our health and lifestyle, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed here at Organica.

After the huge success of our best-selling Dream Lotion, which includes the therapeutic aromas of Lavender Oil to help aid sleep, we’ve decided to harness the power of essential oils in our brand new range of Oil Rollers. 

Applied to your wrists and temples, our new pure oil rollers will allow you to experience the natural benefits of essential oils, wherever you are!

Pure Rest

Organica Pure Rest Oil Roller is made with organic lavender oil to help calm the mind, cedar wood oil to combat stress and anxiety, bergamot oil to promote relaxation and ylang-ylang oil to reduce tension. The concentrated formula will deliver an intense hit of relaxing scents to send you into a deeper, more peaceful sleep. Take it on the move, on vacation, or just in your handbag to top up your day with a dose of calm.

Pure Energy

To use alongside our Pure Rest Roller, we will also be launching the Organica Pure Energy Roller, which gives a burst of vitality to tired bodies and minds. This invigorating combination of essential citrus oils will revitalize and lift your spirits into a more focused, energetic mood. Perfect for busy bees, this handy roller will top up your energy levels on the go, or pull you out of that 3pm slump.


These two amazing new Essential Oil Rollers will be available to order from the 23rd April 2018! Keep your eyes peeled for the pre-order emails soon!

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