December Is For Dreaming: How Planning Ahead Can Help You Sleep

December is a notoriously busy time of year. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, our diaries are jam-packed with plans and preparations. It can feel very overwhelming and can have a major impact on your sleep. Stress is a huge contributing factor to insomnia and difficulty falling asleep, so why wouldn’t the most stressful time of year leads to a restless night?

Sleep plays a huge part in supporting the recovery and rejuvenation of our bodies and minds. Sleep promotes learning and helps us exert optimal control over our emotions and behavior. The better we sleep, the better we absorb information and form memories. We make healthier decisions and we have more positive social reactions. Sleep could literally lead to a cheerier Christmas!

The optimal amount of sleep we should aim for is between 7-9 hours, but sometimes our lives don’t allow that, particularly during the social season that is December. The team at Organica has been looking at how getting a hold over our future, can directly impact our present and how planning ahead can help us sleep. 

So, this December, let’s start dreaming. It’s time to get a hot cup of herbal tea, sit back and relax as we guide you through 4 fail-safe steps of managing what’s up ahead so you can rest easier in the now, in the most natural way… And no, it doesn’t involve counting sheep (or reindeer), we promise!

1. Get On Top Of Your Time

Time management is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities. Key ways of optimizing your use of time are prioritizing time-sensitive tasks (those cinnamon rolls need to come out of the oven before the cards are written), setting achievable goals making it clear what the goal is and how to accomplish it, learning to delegate tasks (you don’t have to do it all yourself!) and keeping up-to-date with your diary and storing everything in memorable, accessible places (now, just where are the tree lights?!).

Simply tweaking a couple of ways of working in your personal world can transform your ability to accomplish any activity, and remove excess worry which will ease the mind into a more sufficient sleep.

2. Connect With Your Calendar

Failing to plan, is planning to fail” so make friends with your preparations and check in with your calendar the night before. This way you’ll know what’s ahead for the next day so you can plan the best route to conquer your Christmas activities. Knowing your plans in your mind will help you rest easy, and you’ll rise the next day confident in the knowledge that you’ve done most of the hard work already. 

It’s always worth coming up with a nifty navigation strategy for your plans too - how to get there, how much time to leave if you need to stop for gas, etc. - to be sure you’re on top of tomorrow’s tinsel!

3. Bye Bye, Blue Light!

Sleep is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle balance, particularly in the holidays. When you’re getting ready for bed, silence your phone or better yet - switch it off completely! Once you’ve checked in with your calendar, it’s time to hide your devices. Your friend asking for turkey tips or your sister forgetting your great aunt’s present and needing ideas can all wait until you’re awake again. Disruptions from beeps and ringing will only leave you tired and put a downer on your plans the next day. Be one step ahead, and eliminate the risk of interruption from your phone.

Not only that, numerous studies have shown that light given off by our electronics affects our sleep. The conclusion is always that the blue light that LED screens give off can slow, or completely stop, the production of melatonin, the hormone that signals to our brain that it's time for bed. Another reason to make sure that your phone is asleep before you are!

4. Jot In Your Journal

Journal writing is a great way to goal setting, but also to reflect. Take a few moments each evening to celebrate your achievements and what/who you’re thankful for. Just a couple of minutes of positive reflection can help you learn how to manage tasks better next time, but also transform your mood and attitude from taking time out to appreciate yourself and those around you. It’s a natural and healthy way of preparing for a night’s sleep, and isn’t Christmas all about celebrating our most treasured relationships? Don’t wait for January to start a journal. Start resting on a happy, reflective mind now to help make sure it’s a positive start to every day of the holidays. A positive mind always conquers more than a negative one.

After you’ve finished reflecting, why not apply some of our Pure Rest Roll-On? It’s scientifically formulated to help the mind unwind and fall into a restful sleep and proven to relieve tension and stress. The infusion of organic lavender oil helps you fall asleep quicker and the inclusion of cedarwood oil promotes deep relaxation. The essential oil ylang ylang can be found in the Pure Rest Roll-On formula too, and this has been found to increase serotonin levels so it will naturally boost your mood. Simply apply a small amount of the oil to your pulse points; temples, neck, behind the ears and wrists and rest purely and easily!

It’s also hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free - it really is a divinely dreamy wonder oil!

Final Thoughts

Sleep can be affected by a number of things including how we treat our bodies, what we put in our bodies, and how we exist within our environment. Everything from caffeine/alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, skipping our routine and a bad diet can contribute to our lack of sleep, and therefore lack of confidence in what we can achieve - and these factors are typical during this festive time.

Check-in with other areas of your lifestyle you can improve around the party period to help you stay in control of any potential holiday havoc, and maybe check out our previous blogConquering Christmas: Tips to combat the busy festive period” for some extra Organica wisdom! 

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