Do Nail Vitamins REALLY Work?

If you notice that your nails are maybe a little more brittle than they used to be, after one too many manicures or some hard graft, then you might find yourself reaching for nail vitamins or supplements to get them back on track. But not so fast!

Nail supplements and vitamins aren’t FDA approved, so while they claim to work wonders on your nails, there isn’t much evidence to prove that they do anything at all.

Firstly, what's the difference between supplements and vitamins?

Supplements are, defined by law, products that you ingest to supplement or have alongside your diet. Supplements include vitamins, as well as minerals, herbs and nutrients. So vitamins are a type of supplement 

But now that you know that FDA don’t regulate these products, you begin to realise that maybe they don’t work that well at all.

Your body can only process a certain number of vitamins and so, a lot of the time the vitamins in the supplements don’t go to use and are essentially, not accomplishing anything.

But, What Makes Your Nails Weak In The First Place?

There isn’t enough oxygen reaching your nails

This happens when there’s not enough haemoglobin in the body, which is the protein that pushes oxygen through your blood. 

You could be lacking certain nutrients

If your diet is low in iron, vitamin A, C, Biotin and collagen it can lead to dehydrated and brittle nails as these are all essential for healthy nail growth.

You need to give your nails a break

If you find yourself getting gel manicures fairly often, it can have an impact on the strength and quality of your nails! To prevent this, make sure you’re not getting gel manicures too often, and in between special occasions, opt for a simple nail varnish which won’t be as harsh on your tips! 

Chemicals, handwashing...

And especially with it being winter, our nails can really suffer! Cold, dry weather along with everything else we put our hands through day to day means that sometimes it's not your diet, but just a reminder that your nails need a little nourishment from time-to-time.

So what actually works?

Because so many people suffer from weak and brittle nails, at Organica we created our own product to help revive damaged or weak nails. By using 100% natural ingredients such as tea tree and lemongrass oil, our Nail Guardian works to strengthen your nail from the bed upwards. It works by supporting the nails natural growth, curing brittleness, and fighting again nail fungus (which can also impact nail strength). 

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