Fall Skincare Guide: What Will Your Skin Need This Season?

Goodbye to long and lazy, sunlit Summer days and hello to the crisp, golden leaves and cozy, cinnamon-coated evenings of Fall.

You may not be ready to swap your sunglasses for a scarf quite yet, but it’s never too early to get your skin prepped for the colder months.

As we enter the new season, it’s important to know what the changes in temperature mean for your skin, and how you should adjust your cosmetic regimen accordingly.

For example, did you know that sunscreen is not just for Summer? If you were of the assumption that skincare is just skincare, whatever the weather, you could be leaving your body vulnerable to the harsh effects of exposure to the elements.

So… Don’t Ditch The SPF?

Just because the skies are grey, it doesn’t mean all that cloud cover is keeping you safe from the sun’s rays. Our skin is vulnerable to two types of ultraviolet radiation, UVA and UVB. Whilst UVB rays are lessened in Winter, UVA is present all year-round.

UVA: Ultraviolet A rays make up 95% of the rays we are exposed to on Earth. They penetrate the skin much deeper than UVB rays and are able to pass through glass and clouds. UVA is responsible for signs of aging, like wrinkles and dark spots, and can also cause skin cancers.

UVB: Ultraviolet B rays are at their most intense from early Spring to early Fall, and when the sun is at its highest. These rays do not penetrate glass and cloud cover as easily and are therefore less of a threat in Winter. UVB is responsible for redness and sunburn to the surface of the skin.

So, to prevent cumulative sun exposure in the colder, cloudier months, make sure you still apply SPF. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is best, to make sure you’re blocking both UVA and UVB rays from damaging and prematurely aging your skin.

Level Up Your Moisturizers:

During the Summer months, humidity in the air helps the skin retain moisture. With the air outside becoming as crisp as the Fall leaves and the air inside stripped of humidity by heating systems, your skin will be getting drier and in need of a moisture boost. This could explain the onset of skin symptoms such as dryness, itchiness, and sensitivity, or the worsening of dermal conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.

We recommend stocking up on a thicker moisturizing solution for your evening skincare routine, one that will replenish and hydrate your skin overnight. Organica’s Dream Lotion is designed to do exactly that, with the added benefit of being packed with mind soothing ingredients to help you get soundly off to sleep - perfect for when you’re adjusting to the daylight patterns of a new season!

We infuse each tub with Almond oil, Oatmeal, and Cocoa butter, to provide a deep, luxurious moisturizing consistency, while the scent of Lavender and Bergamot oil, and Melatonin-enhancing Cedarwood oil, will whisk you off to a restful slumber in no time.

While we’re on the topic of oils, it’s not a bad move to incorporate more oil-based products into your Fall-Winter skincare regime. Perhaps try changing up your citrussy Summer shower gel for an oil-based body cleanser, to up the hydration in the colder months. 

How Should I Care For My Face In Fall?

As explained above, your face is going to be especially vulnerable to the drying air, and can also become chapped after wind exposure. You’ll want to incorporate oils into your facial skincare too, for example by using an oil-based scrub when you need a deep cleanse, or by using facial oils.

It’s best to opt for natural, gentle treatments during the Fall, so your skin has the chance to renew and repair from the ravages of the Summer sun. You’ll want to cut back on exfoliating products like glycolic acids and retinols, to give your skin a break from robust ingredients: you need these in the Summer when increased oil and sweat requires you to take action to prevent clogged pores, but in Fall you run the risk of over-drying your skin.

Instead, choose antioxidant-rich ingredients, to restock what the Summer’s environmental factors have depleted. For example, Organica’s Superfood Firming Serum is packed with vitamins C, E and K, to counteract oxidative stress and help protect your skin from pollution, toxins, and sun-damage. It’s also rich in Hyaluronic acid, which is key for boosting the skin’s ability to retain moisture - vital in the Fall-Winter season. We love the Superfood Serum because not only do the ingredients protect and replenish your skin, but the Vitamin C also encourages the production of collagen, so you’ll notice the improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re worried about how to keep your skin tone even without the blemish-busting acids and retinoids, a natural alternative for your Fall skincare transition is Rosehip Oil. Just like the harsher retinoids, Rosehip is a natural source of Vitamin A to fight against inflammation seen in conditions like psoriasis or acne, whilst working together with Vitamins C and E to supply a vital building block for collagen in the skin, restoring elasticity, firmness, and smoothing your skin tone. 

Don’t Neglect The Details:

Whether you’re out on the sidelines watching your kids play sports, or trying to stick to your running routine despite the increasing wind and cold, you’ll probably notice the chapped lips, watery eyes and red noses that accompany the changing weather.

Our advice is to pack your purse with essentials like a high strength lip balm, travel-size SPF, and an eye-area specific moisturizer, to target those tiny areas in need of extra care this season.

Take Care From Tip To Toe:

In colder weather, our extremities are especially vulnerable. So while you’re topping up your bag with travel-size essentials, you may as well pop in a good hand cream too. Dry mitts are a fast track to premature aging in this area, and leaving our hands lacking moisture can also mean they become prone to calluses and sore and unsightly inflammation.

Another spot often neglected is the cuticle. This tiny bit of skin actually serves a vital function: protecting new nails from bacteria as they grow out of the nail root. It’s a delicate area and can become dry, damaged or infected if not looked after carefully. 

Organica developed Nail Guardian with premium essential oils, to help you show your nails and cuticles a little TLC. Antimicrobial ingredients Tea Tree and Lemongrass help fight infection, while Eucalyptus, Jasmine and Lavender all help to strengthen and restore the nail bed, to help you grow lovely, resilient nails.

Finally, a Fall Skincare guide would be remiss to leave out advice on how to restore your feet after months of abuse from open shoes and sandals. In particular, you may have noticed dryness or tough skin appearing around your heel area around about this time of year.

This is because, in the Summer, your heels are spread more widely across open footwear, and as the weather becomes colder and drier, the skin loses moisture. With a lack of moisture, your skin loses elasticity, and can no longer bear the weight of your body in this position, as your skin isn’t as flexible as before. Thus, the cracks start to appear at the edges of the skin and your heels look like the back end of a rhino!

That’s where Organica’s Heel Defend comes in. A specially formulated product, with deep moisturizing and antifungal ingredients Safflower and Chamomile, along with the healing and replenishing Tea Tree and Aloe Vera. We love popping Heel Defend on at night before bed, covering with socks to lock all the moisture in, and marveling as our feet emerge, soft and smooth butterflies from a crusty chrysalis by morning!

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