How To Demand (And Get) Dewy Skin!

Dewy skin! In every beauty magazine, every skin care blog and instagram influencer’s feed we’re told that this is the most obtainable, desired and sexy looking skin type. We must have it! But, in order to get it we must buy all of these expensive products, several of which seem to be specialised toners with various acids and illusive, probably artificial, ingredients that are also impossible to spell. Overwhelming much!

But what even is dewy skin? Well, matte skin typically doesn’t seem to hold any excess oil. The finish of the skin is more velvety, and has a powdery texture. Dewy skin has a more moist appearance. The naturally occurring oils on the skin reflect light and therefore achieve that popular, radiant glow.

So how do we get it? Well, the team at Organica have been delving into the dew, and discovered the 8 most natural ways to demand this desirable skin type (without damaging your pocket) and of course only using the most wholesome, organic and nourishing methods.

As you know, we believe that Mother Nature knows best when it comes to nurturing the self, so why not try the following to get that sought after skin and all-natural glow?

Go Upside Down

We’re not joking! If you want to get that glow-from-within, try staying in downward dog for three minutes (or just hang your head upside down off the edge of the bed!) and it will send the blood flow to your face. Sounds silly, but give it a try!

Massage In The Moisture

A facial massage can stimulate blood flow to help wake up your entire complexion! Definitely use a great serum to massage in that needed moisture for the ultimate dewy skin look.

We recommend Organica’s incredible Superfood Firming Serum. It contains hyaluronic acid which boosts moisture retention and the infusion of Vitamins C, E and K counteract oxidative stress. Simply dab the face dry with a face towel after cleansing but making sure to leave the skin a little damp. All you need is two pumps of serum placed on your fingertips, after cleansing both face and hands, and then massage into your face in circular motions morning and night. Guaranteed glow!

Sleep On Silk

If you have the room in your budget, a 100% silk pillowcase can help your skin (and hair) retain moisture. In order to keep the natural oils in your skin, it might be worth investing as cotton pillowcases, however organic, can actually draw those natural oils away. Remember to wash your bedding at least once a week to get rid of the dead skin cells and old residual makeup/grease.

Oh, and how much sleep are you getting? Not enough sleep is the biggest contributor to tired looking skin, and can even speed up the ageing process! Make getting your 8 hours a priority, and it will help your skin radiate naturally.

Dampen Your Beauty Blender

When applying your makeup, you should be using a moistened brush or blending sponge (not your fingers - they’re porous!). Simply damp the tool you use with clean water before applying your makeup. Be sure to use light, short circular motions to apply your coverage too. That way it will give you a flawless finish!

Highlight With Coconut Oil

Want a natural highlighter to use under your makeup? Take a touch of coconut oil and slide a thin layer on your cheek bones before applying foundation. This is one of the simplest and natural hints to get instantly glowing skin!


What’s inside really is what counts so take a look at what you’re putting in your body to keep it’s hydration high. Upping your water intake is the natural first step (you should be drinking a minimum of 2 litres a day), but look at antioxidant superfoods too and see if you can incorporate them more in to your diet. Typically these are vibrantly coloured fruits and vegetables like beetroot, blueberries, spinach, red cabbage, kale, raspberries etc.

Take A Dip

For softer and more dewy skin all over, and to give your body a more purified feel, bath salts are where it’s at! Salts can draw impurities from the body and assist in reducing puffiness and redness on the skin’s surface.


Use sunscreen! Yes, all year round! It prevents wrinkles, slows down ageing and stops sunburn which all help the skin maintain its natural glow!

Final thoughts

Dewy skin is achievable without spending all of your dollars on hundreds of products. Using the right organic methods, you can achieve the divinely dewy look that everybody strives for. By avoiding all the artificial and expensive peels, acid treatments and injections, you can feel your absolute natural best along the way too.

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