How To Give Yourself The Best Facial Massage

Often it’s a challenge finding time in the week to do our grocery shopping, let along giving yourself a pamper (no matter how well-deserved it might be).

But even though this might be the case, it’s still important to have your own strategies to help you unwind and relax, because doing so helps you sleep better, and sleeping better means you might have the energy to squeeze in that grocery shop.

We believe that looking after your own wellness should be a priority. But we understand that not everyone has the time to spend hours on self-care, or excess money to spend on spa treatments.

Because of this, we have a quick and easy facial massage which is perfect for looking after yourself, de-stressing and grounding yourself after a long day.

So what’s so good about a facial massage?

This facial will work to relieve tension from your face and help prevent premature aging. It increases microcirculation, which feeds the skin and increases the delivery of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the skin. It also works to drain away the built-up fluid which causes puffiness and swelling.

The first thing to do is breathe…

Which is where you should always start. Breathing deeply is a way of calming both your body and mind and reconnects you to the here and now.


Apply a cream or oil cleanser to your face, neck, and décolletage area. As you do this, continue with your deep breaths.


Cross your hands and reach for your ears. Stroke down right down to the collarbone with pressure and repeat 3 times over.

Turn your head to the right and with your right-hand sweep upwards from your left collarbone to your jaw. Do the same on the other side and repeat 2-3 times. 


Put your hands in a prayer position and place the fingertips of the index finger below the jaw and the middle finger above the jaw, cradling the chin. Then move your fingers outwards and upwards, using the jaw as a guide.

Continuing the movement, the middle finger goes in front of the ear up to the temple, and the index finger and thumb move behind the ear, finishing the movement with a downward sweep to the collarbone. Repeat 3 times. 


Start at the center of your chin with three fingers and using firm circular movements, work your way around the cheek area. Start with the chin, along to the bottom of the ear and along the jaw. Then, do the same down to the corner of your mouth to the middle of your ear, then sweep down to the collarbone. Repeat 3 times.


Put your hands on either side of your nose in the prayer position, sweeping firmly upwards and then along the brow bone back round to the under the eye, then back towards the nose. Repeat 3 times.


Using three of your fingers, begin in the center of the eyebrows. Make zig-zag movements over the forehead and towards the temples, finishing with a downward sweep in front of the ear and right down to the collarbone. Repeat 3 times.

And finally...

Stroke down into your décolletage area with a flat hand. Cup your hands, cover your nose and take a deep breath. Soak a cloth with warm water and gently remove the cleanser. Pause, breathe and notice the difference in your skin, body, and mind.

Final Thoughts

While our day can become hectic, you should still put self-care near the top of your priority list! Putting time aside to make sure you’re grounding yourself can be easy when it's done this quickly. It works to help you feel more in tune with yourself and make it easier to switch off at the end of the day.

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