How To Grow Your Nails: Our Top Tips

If you struggle to grow your nails beyond the ‘short and stubby’ zone, but long for the perfect stiletto-shaped manicure length, then this one’s for you.

Ever noticed that freshly cut bangs seem to grow into your eyes within like a week, yet it’s seemingly impossible to get your nails to do the same? Hair, nails… it’s all keratin, so it’s infuriating when your fingernails seem to be stuck in growth limbo.

The truth is, nails do take a long time to grow. On average, healthy fingernails grow about one-tenth of an inch (3 millimeters) a month, so if you lost an entire fingernail, it would take four to six months to regrow completely. Toenails take a year to a year and a half to grow from the cuticle to the tip.

But if your nails seem to be frozen in time, there may be things you could do to coax them into growing again. At Organica, we’re passionate about nail health, so we’ve compiled our top tips for growing stronger and longer nails, based on our extensive research and nail treatment formula expertise.

1. Avoid Acetone

It’s perfectly fine to paint your nails during the growth period, as long as you’re using good quality, non-harmful materials. A bright-colored polish may even help you take better care of your nails in a bid to not mess up your manicure. 

One rule we must insist on, however, is using only acetone-free nail polish remover when switching up your shades. The ingredient is tough on your talons and is only really necessary when removing gel or shellac manicures, so save it for then.

2. Vitamins Are Vital

Much like a plant needs the right nutrients to grow, the key to growing long nails is to provide your body with certain vitamins. First on the checklist is Biotin, an essential B vitamin that helps prevent nails from becoming brittle and prone to breakage. It’s found in small amounts in lots of foods, like bananas, eggs or milk, but you can purchase it in supplement form too.

Secondly, stock up on another B vitamin: B9 (otherwise known as Folic Acid). This nutrient repairs and multiplies the cells that makeup nails, speeding up growth and preventing peeling. A diet that includes beans and whole grains should be rich in Folic Acid, but you can buy supplements if you need to boost your intake.

3. Care For Your Cuticles

When your nails are in crisis, it’s time to take care of your cuticles. These tiny bits of skin are in fact a gateway to protect the overall health of your nails, blocking bacteria as your nails grow out from the root.

A daily massage of the cuticles with a nurturing nail treatment is vital to keep your fingernails in tip-top condition; healthy nails grow more consistently and are more likely to maintain your desired length.  

Organica’s Nail Guardian was designed using pure essential oils, to defend your nails and cuticle area from infection. It contains premium Tea Tree Oil, a key ingredient in actively fighting bacteria and building immunity in the nail bed. We include Eucalyptus Oil to strengthen the nail and providing stability for healthier length. The Lavender Oil not only smells great but also cures brittleness, cracks, and ridges, while Jasmine and Lemongrass Oil are natural moisturizing ingredients, hydrating your nail and cuticle - especially important since dry nails are prone to breakage.


4. Hydrate Until Your Nails Are Top Rate

Since our bodies are made up of about 60% water, it’s a miracle so many of us survive on mostly coffee! But we really should be upping our water intake - experts recommend 48-64 ounces (6 to 8 cups) of water a day to keep our bodies running at optimum performance.

Brittle nails that break and peel are a nightmare when you’re trying to get your nails to grow, and could, in fact, be a sign of dehydration. This is especially important in the winter when our skin becomes drier due to the lack of humidity in the atmosphere - so make sure you hydrate to prevent dry, flaky cuticles that stop your nails from flourishing. 

5. Mind Your Manicures

Some people find a gel manicure helps their natural nail to grow underneath and stops them from biting their fingernails. This may be true, but once you’ve used acetone to remove the gel polish (or had this done professionally at the salon), your nails will be vulnerable to breakage. Acrylic nail extensions are very damaging for your nails and should be avoided altogether if you intend to grow your own nails.

But if you do want a longer-lasting gel manicure to help your nails grow, be aware they’ll need extra care after they’ve reached the desired length to be able to sustain this look. We recommend using restoring treatments like Nail Guardian, and a good quality topcoat to protect your newly grown nails.

6. Put A File In Motion

You’ll need to file your nails regularly to prevent little snags from catching on surfaces - which often leads to painful consequences and a heartbreaking loss of length! Smooth, rounded edges are key to keeping your nails long and strong.

Pay attention to how and when you’re filing your nails, as well as what you’re using to do it. You shouldn’t file your nails after a bath or a shower, as they’ll be soft and vulnerable to damage. We also recommend you invest in a ‘soft file’, which is a board with around 180 grit, designed to allow for a gentle shaping of the nail.

Once you’ve invested in the right equipment, it’s important to hone your technique. The correct filing motion should be consistent, starting at the corner of the nail, moving slowly towards the top of the nail with even pressure. Lift the file, and repeat this action on the other side of the nail, returning to the middle at the top. Repeat the process on either side until you are happy with the shape you’ve achieved. Just make sure you don’t ‘saw’ away at your nails, as going back and forth over the same section of the nail in different directions is a sure-fire way to destroy your lovely long nails.

We hope this helps you in your pursuit of manicured magnificence, and as always, pop a question in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like advice on.

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