How to Heal Damaged, Brittle Nails.

Beautiful, healthy nails can be hard to achieve or maintain, depending on your schedule, activities, and daily life. Nails are prone to accidental bruising or breaking, and certain external or internal factors can be heavily detrimental to your nail beds and cuticles. Join us in this blog post as we delve into ‘bad nails’ causes, and various health and beauty tips!

What Causes The Damage?

Certain aggressive sports, hand-heavy hobbies such as gardening or pottery, and especially using strong cleaning products without gloves, are all known to aggravate our nails’ condition. Gel or acrylic manicures are particularly damaging to the natural nail bed, as the ingredients used during these treatments contain harsh chemicals which attack your nails and give them a ‘rough’ appearance.

At the same time, the problem can be internal, with the overall growth and appearance of our nails being influenced by illnesses, certain medication, or poor circulation. An unhealthy diet, without enough water or vitamins, can also be detrimental to your nails.

We could go on and on, as there are plenty of factors that can contribute to our fingernails or toenails getting damaged. But there are also various fixes to nail problems, so let’s get to it!

Get Rid Of Acrylics 

We know - acrylic or gel manicures can look very beautiful and artistic, and for many people, they represent a way of expressing themselves and their personality. However, no supplements or vitamins can help you regain the health of your nails, as long as you keep applying these damaging treatments on top of your nails. Consider replacing these manicures with a sheer or light colored nail polish, as darker colors are more harmful to your nails, and can stain them for a long time.

Up Your Biotin Intake

Biotin is recognized worldwide as a great supplement to help your hair, skin, and nails look and feel beautiful!  While our bodies naturally produce a certain amount of biotin, consider upping your intake by at least 30 micrograms daily for the best results. Biotin supplements can be found in most drug stores or supplement shops, or available to purchase online.

Switch Up Your Routine

Have you ever considered that the products you are currently using for your manicures might be detrimental for your nails? Traditional nail polish removers (especially those containing acetone) are known to have a damaging effect on your nails’ overall health. If you are using an acetone polish remover, think about switching to a more gentle alternative - aim for one that has added vitamins to give your nails a boost!

Moisturize Regularly 

We wash our hands so often, that our skin and nails end up being stripped of their natural protective barrier. One way to combat this, while still maintaining your cleanliness, is using a bit of moisturizer, hand cream, or even body lotion on your hands after you wash them. It will leave your hands feeling soft and smooth, and restore your nails’ protective barrier.

Add Some Extra Help

While dietary or routine changes can influence your nails’ health positively, sometimes these little adjustments may still not be enough, especially in the case of heavily damaged nails. Consider incorporating a protective and restorative product into your nail routine made from non-harmful ingredients. Our Nail Guardian contains ethically sourced essential oils which help renew your nails’ natural protective barrier while fighting off fungus! Use twice daily for best results, by applying onto the nail and gently massaging the product in. And the best part? It can be used on both fingernails and toenails!

Don't Forget The Gloves!

Harsh, damaging chemicals are abundant in household cleaning products, so every time you wash the dishes or scrub the floors without any hand protection, you are allowing these chemicals to penetrate your nail beds and damage your nails! Remember to use latex gloves whenever handling cleaning products (especially with bleach!) to offer your hands and nails some extra protection.


With a little bit of hope and perseverance, even the roughest, most damaged nails can be restored to their initial healthy state, so even if you feel like your nails have gone ‘beyond repair’, don’t give up!

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