Hygge High: How To Self Care Like The Danish!

High-gee?”… “Hee-Goo?”… “Hoo-Guy? 

However you want to pronounce it, there’s no doubt that the Danish self-care phenomenon of Hygge (It’s Hoo-Gah, by the way!), is taking over the world. But what is it, why does it exist and how do you, well… Hygge?

For starters, there’s no literal translation of Hygge in English, but it’s been called everything from “cocoa by candlelight” to “coziness of the soul” to “the art of creating intimacy.” Hygge is meant to be a feeling: a hug without actual touching. It’s a pursuit of pure happiness, of contentment and mindfulness and when Denmark is clocking in regularly as the world’s happiest country, we should probably be taking a leaf out of their book!

Hygge has been a part of Danish culture for several centuries. For the Danes, hygge recognises that the modern world can leave you feeling overwhelmed from pressure and the over exposure to technology can induce anxiety. The goal of hygge is to let go from these everyday stressful stimulants and simply relax.

What’s even better about hygge, is that it’s meant to be for everyone. Its focus is on life’s simple pleasures, so hygge activities should be affordable or better yet, free! The more money and prestige an activity involves, the less hygge it is.

The Organica team are here to help promote the best version of you, with the most natural and mindful methods and it sounds like the Danish way is becoming the leading light in learning how to find and notice joy in our everyday lives. We’ve collected together the ultimate hygge guide with ten top tips on how to start your Danish inspired self-care journey, and obtain that hygge high!

Light Up Your Life

When 85% of Denmark residents were asked what item they associate the most with the hygge lifestyle, they said candles. The average Dane burns 3.5kg of candles a year! But, for good reason. Flickering flames can cozy up the coldest looking rooms, and glow up the glummest of hearts. Hygge style lighting is essential for the creation of the right atmosphere: lamps on the room outskirts, and warm white bulbs instead of the big main bright light in the centre of the room. Oh, and if you have a wood burner, start using it. A flaming fire’s light is considered peak hygge! 

Get Outside 

Learn to love nature and venture outdoors! The hygge way is the natural way, and what’s better than going on an adventure to a local forest, park or beach to soak up the oxygen and relax your mind by taking in the wonder that is the great outdoors? Guaranteed to induce a more relaxed and mindful state which is 100% hygge.

Love Your Loungewear

It’s time to get comfy! The hygge life calls for leggings, sweaters, and socks - and no, they don’t have to be aesthetically pleasing. The Danes even have a word for that pair of pants you love, but wouldn’t be seen dead in: hyggebusker! Shame isn’t welcome here in hygge land - embrace what makes your body cozy, comfortable and hygge happy!

Indulge Mindfully 

Denmark consume huge amounts of meat, cake and coffee and this is a direct link to the hygge lifestyle. Hygge is about giving yourself a break from the demands of living healthily, and taking the time to make, savor, and enjoy the process of creating your food. Why not try a slow-cooker recipe or bake a cake from scratch to share with loved ones? Or if you’re out and you really want a dessert, make sure it’s the best tasting, totally delicious sweet you can order. Try to eat it slowly, appreciating every bite and letting go of any guilt for having it. A once in a while hygge hug for your tastebuds, can be a treat for the mind too!

Use Aroma To Your Advantage 

The smells associated with this time of year can be great for inducing that hygge high. Pine from the trees to cinnamon from the rolls but did you know that you can manipulate your mind into a more hygge state with using natural essential oils too?

Our pleasingly natural Pure Mind aromatherapy roll-on includes Lavender and Roman Chamomile and these scents are notorious for easing anxiety and melting away stress. Roll the oil on to your pulse points (behind the ears, temples, neck, inside of the elbow and wrists) and then take a few moments to mindfully inhale the Pure Mind scent: in through your nose and out through your mouth. Totally hygge.

Address Your Stress

In Denmark, a typical working week doesn’t go over 30-35 hours - and no, this doesn’t affect their productivity either! Take some time out to reflect on where you could improve your work/life balance and make bettering it a priority. A very important, and hygge thing to do.

Collaborate Creatively  

Organising a craft afternoon of creation with loved ones can be a wonderful way of deepening connection, and getting closer with family and friends. This season is the perfect excuse: get together to make thank you cards for your Christmas gifts/hosts, go forage in woodland and make winter wreaths or cook together over some good old conversation. Hygge is all about celebrating our natural connection with others, particularly those we love.

Thankful Thinking 

What are you thankful for? Gratitude lists are a great way of checking in with ourselves, helping us stay more mindful and grounded, and don’t take up too much time. A gratitude list could include anything from a nice text you got from a friend, to the way the rain sounds when it hits the tree’s leaves. Have a hygge moment and get together with your thankful thoughts.

Take A Break From Tech

We’ve all looked around coffee shops or sat on public transport, looking around at the bent over heads gazing at screens. This behavior and our society’s technology addiction stunts our sense of true connection which is what we all crave - it’s human nature! Why not try setting some time away from your phone, and asking your family to do the same and embrace that feeling of freedom from fake light and our overwhelming dependence on technology.

Reach Out 

We all know that having a good time with the people we in love makes us happy so how is it so easy to believe we don’t have time for it? Make time, and gather your nearest and dearest to sit around the table, light some candles, share in a tasty home cooked meal, tell stories and jokes and fall about with laughter until the moon shines bright. This is the ultimate form of hygge.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this list, hygge is all about simplicity: life’s purest pleasures being properly appreciated. Winter seems like a very natural segue into a time that lends itself to hygge, so this season why not give it a go and see if it helps you on your journey to most natural, happiest version of you!

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