Junk Out January: 4 Ways To Clear Up Your Home (And Mind!)

You know that feeling when you’ve just had a bath before bed, and then you climb into clean sheets? Total bliss! Arguably the best feeling in the world, some might say. But why is that? Because it’s clean? Because it’s fresh? Because it’s a job that doesn’t need thinking about until next week (yes, you should be changing your sheets that often!) or all of the above?

It doesn’t actually matter what the answer is really, because if it’s having that much of a positive affect on your mood, we shouldn’t just be doing it with where we sleep! Let’s make that feeling exist in our entire home.

Yes, tidying up, cleaning and decluttering can have a direct affect on the way you feel. And there’s no better time like the start of the new decade to get scrubbing up your act in your home. The team at Organica have been looking at the best and most natural methods of sorting and organising your belongings, to help you get a hold over your happiness when in your house. 

Decluttering can be a massive stress reliever, as it can help give you a sense of control and everyone loves the feeling of accomplishing something! Owning excessive amounts of possessions can zap up all your energy (particularly the time consuming hunt for important things amongst the mess!) and by freeing up space it can make it feel like there’s more room to breathe. If the clutter has gotten out of hand, a messy home can actually make you depressed. By reclaiming your space, you can help yourself feel more relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything. 

So, Team Organica have consolidated 4 wonderfully wholesome tips and tricks for honing in on your house and starting your junk-free journey. It’s time to rid your life of excess clutter, and take ownership of your space so you can get on with feeling your natural best.

Start Small

If decluttering is new to you, don’t overwhelm yourself with the prospect of an entire room. Start with a cupboard, a bookshelf, or a desk. Learn your method and enjoy the feeling of achievement you get from a really manageable area! Build up to those bigger spaces.

If you’re not sure where to start, dedicate a mere ten minutes to an area. Set the timer on your phone! Get two trash bags and in one goes actual trash, and in the second goes the stuff you can donate to a charity shop/yard sale. Do it as often as you can, and you’ll really start to notice the difference!

We also can’t recommend enough popping on some of Organica’s vegan and hypoallergenic Pure Zen roll on. An all-natural stress reliever, it’s the perfect accompaniment to sorting the state of your abode.

Before you begin cleaning up and clearing out, simply apply the roller to the pulse points; behind the ears, temples, neck, inside of the elbow and wrists. Then, take a few moments to deeply inhale the scent with a couple of deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth. The infusion of orange oil will help alleviate anxiety, anger, stress and depression and the inclusion of lavender oil with its infamous calming properties will bring relaxation and serenity to any stressed or worried mind. Let yourself find your inner zen, and let the soothing scent fuel your desire for an outer zen too!

Maintain Motivation 

A great tip to keep up motivation is to take a before and after picture of the area you’re tending to. Before you start, take a snap and when you’re done take another from the same angle! You’ve got yourself a really rewarding game of Spot-The-Difference there!

Another fab exercise is to try and imagine what entering your house must be like for a first time visitor - what must their impression be? Enter your home as if you’re visiting a friend or relative and note down your thoughts on how clean and organised the house is. This is a great one to do with the kids as children have a knack for honesty! Then write a list of impressions you want a first visitor to have - make changes from there. 

Sleep On It 

One you’ve got a bag of items you could donate or throw out, make sure you have a good night’s sleep before you commit to the chuck. If you wake up and an item in one of those bags doesn’t feel right, you have the opportunity to save the belonging. 

Also, with items you’re unsure of, actually ask yourself whether you love it. You’ll be surprised at how much stuff is taking up space in your home that you’re actually not too crazy about. Although, if you haven’t used something in over 6 months… that’s probably a good sign it’s not meant to stay.

Beware The Flat Surface 

We all have that kitchen countertop that magically becomes a mess magnet! Make space in drawers or cupboards, unless an item is used frequently. If you have an appliance that’s barely used perhaps you could donate it or find an alternative storage space for it. Either way, look at freeing your flats as it won’t be just clogging up your living space, but your mind too!

Bonus Tips

Make the experience of reducing your belongings a permanently positive lifestyle change by keeping it fresh and fun! Create a playlist that you can sing along to whilst you get to work. Invite a friend over and make it a social but make sure to reward yours and their efforts with an edible treat at the end! Invest in new cleaning gear so it’ll make you want to use them and also, consider wearing a step counter so you can work out how you’ve benefitted your physical health too! 

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