Lovely Lulling Lavender | Natures Answer To Anxiety and Insomnia

From the fields of France to Washington state's San Juan Island, this pretty little flower has populated a huge proportion of the world thanks to its medicinal and relaxing properties.  

How Does Lavender Help You Sleep? 

For centuries now, lavender has been widely used and understood to have sleep promoting and anxiety easing abilities. In fact records show that Lavender was used in the 17th Century for “aches and pains of the head and brain. 

Since then, scientists, doctors and researchers have all understood and praised the flower for it’s ability to help humans relax and ease into a soft slumber.  

In fact the university of Maryland had recently stated that, 

“Scientific evidence suggests that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders.” 

This means that by using lavender based hand or body lotions, you are able to slow down your brain, telling it to stop moving at such a fast pace and get ready to relax. 

Does Lavender Help You Sleep?  

It certainly does, in fact many users have also found Lavender to aid with anxiety. By applying a small amount of lotion to the tip of your nose or around the neck area, users can go about their daily business with the scent of lavender following them, so the next time the heart rate quickens as anxiety sets in, the lavender from the lotion slowly relaxes its user, slowing the heart rate. 

With one of the most recognisable and distinctive smell amongst it’s floral cousins, its no surprise to smell or see why this humble flower has dominated within many cultures around the world, pretty, medicinal and soft smelling, lavender is easily one of our most favourite flowers. 

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