4 Natural Hair Loss Remedies You Should Try Today!

For both men and women, having a healthy head of hair is a desirable trait. Thick, strong, luscious locks that aren’t prone to damage or thinning is the ultimate goal! Although hair loss is more associated with males, women can suffer from hair loss and hair thinning, too, especially as we age.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, nearly 40% of sufferers are female, so it’s not surprising that so many individuals are after effective remedies to treat their problem hair. 

If you notice your hair thinning in places, falling out as you brush it, or generally feeling like you could do with some extra nourishment when it comes to your follicles, then I’m sure you’re already aware of the plethora of hair loss products on the market. From shampoos to pills, supplements to oils, how do we know which ones will work? Some people even resort to surgery to help cure their hair loss woes! But before you break the bank and dive into these extreme remedies, the best way to treat hair loss is to understand the cause, and naturally rectify the root of the issue. 

1. A Little Help From Mother Nature

Jumping to medicated remedies or surgery is a very extreme solution for hair loss, especially when there are so many natural solutions you could try first. The best way to tackle hair loss is to make lifestyle changes, as well as dietary and supplement improvements which will improve the health and speed of your natural hair growth. 

Our bodies all have different rates of hair growth, similar to how we all have different speeds of metabolisms. Implementing these small dietary and lifestyle changes can speed up your natural hair growth rate. 

2. Reduce Stress

When you’re stressed or anxious, your body produces a ‘fight-or-flight’ hormone and puts itself into a state of defense. This unbalance of hormones can affect the growth patterns of our hair follicles, and potentially put them ‘at rest’. By reducing stressful situations in your daily routine, getting a better night’s sleep, and taking the time to ensure your stress and happiness levels are manageable, you will prevent this hair-growth shut-down from taking place.

3. Eat A Balanced Diet

A rich, whole, balanced diet will increase the chances of optimum hair growth, and some foods can even encourage hair follicle stimulation and fend-off future hair loss. These include:

- Lean protein like chicken, turkey, and fish all have high levels of collagen, biotin and cell-building proteins. These are all essential for supporting stronger, healthier hair growth.

- Seeds and nuts are high in essential fatty acids and zinc, which are both necessary for hair growth. They also take care of your thyroid which helps to balance your hormone output levels.

Green tea and coffee have been shown to spur hair growth as the caffeine stimulates the follicles to make hair grow faster. They also may help stop the conversion of testosterone to DHT, a substance that is known to slow hair growth.

Organic vegetables are chemical free, so are free of endocrine disruptors which interfere with hair growth.

4. Essential Oils To Stimulate Hair Growth

Supplementing your beauty regimen with some hair-stimulating essential oils could be the key to the long, luscious hair you’re looking for. Here are the most effective ones to try:

- Castor Oil. Used for hundreds of years for a wide range of health and beauty ailments, castor oil has been proven to help stimulate hair follicles and provide the optimum scalp environment for hair growth. Our 100% Castor Oil is made from the highest-quality pressed castor oil plant, and has no other additives or emulsifiers in it. This quality of oil guarantees the best results when used for hair growth and health. 

- Rosemary Oil. Similar to castor oil, this natural ingredient enhances hair thickness and growth due to the way it increases blood flow to the scalp, and cellular metabolism that stimulates hair growth.

Lavender Oil. Known for its relaxing and calming effects, Lavender also helps increase blood circulation, so when applied to the scalp, can encourage hair production.

Our Verdict

Hair loss, although a frustrating physical issue, can also cause some serious emotional and confidence damage, too. Before deciding on extreme solutions like surgery or medication, why not give some of these natural remedies a go first? By reducing stress, ensuring you eat well, and encouraging your hair growth using natural oils, you could start to see results quicker than you think. At Organica, we truly believe that a positive lifestyle can have positive effects on your body, and that you can find the cures in nature, not in a laboratory.

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