Natural Sugar Wax Recipe For Silky Smooth, Summer-Ready Skin!


Get your skin summer-ready with this easy DIY sugar wax recipe!

It’s that time of year again when our beauty routines tend to include a few more steps to get us feeling summer-ready! Smooth, soft skin is one of the main focuses – think, shorts and skirts, spaghetti-strap camis, bikinis on the beach – so hair removal is an important step in our grooming regimen.

Most hair removal techniques, especially waxing and shaving, can leave your skin with bumps, irritation or red marks. This is due to the hair follicle and the surrounding tissue being ripped or damaged during the hair removal process. With any kind of skin injury, the body reacts with an inflammatory reaction, which is why we develop redness and tender areas. 

Shaving can also cause something called Folliculitis, which presents itself in a raised, pimple-like rash. Similar to an acne breakout, Folliculitis occurs when bacteria enters the open hair follicles, and then friction from clothing irritates it further. 

So, before reaching for the hot wax, painful epilators or razors that irritate your skin, why not try this natural and nourishing sugar wax recipe and tackle your hair removal like the ancient Greeks?!

What is Sugar Wax?

Sugar wax is a pliable paste made from sugar, honey, water and lemon juice, which can be used to gently but effectively remove most unwanted body hair. Much more gentle than traditional salon wax, it doesn’t pull or damage the skin – only grabbing the hairs themselves! It works by binding the sticky sugar with the hairs to remove them, while the honey and lemon nourish the skin at the same time. When you pull, only the hairs attached to the sugar are removed, leaving the follicle and surrounding skin intact and unharmed.

According to some professionals, sugar waxing can last up to 8 weeks, and your hair will also grow back softer than before. Win-win! 

How to Make Sugar Wax 


1 cup of raw cane sugar

2 tablespoons of raw local honey

1/3 cup of filtered water

1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice

To make the perfect sugar wax for easy hair removal, place the lemon juice and water in small pan. Using lemon juice not only helps the wax to smell great, but the vitamin C in the juice helps to fight bacteria and remove dead skin off the surface, leaving you with a much smoother result! Next, add the sugar and honey and stir together on a medium heat. Once combined, reduce the heat, and continue to stir until the mixture simmers into a golden brown color.

Make sure the mixture takes a tacky consistency: overheat, and it will turn solid, don’t stir enough, and it will be too liquid to use! Once it’s reached the desired consistency, remove from the heat and put into a glass bowl.

While the wax is cooling, clean the area to want to wax and dry it thoroughly. Then, using a wooden stick or spoon, spread the mixture in an even thickness over the hairs. (Make sure you apply it in the opposite direction to the hair growth for maximum hold). Finally, place a strip of cotton fabric of cloth on the area, rub it down, then holding the skin taut, quickly pull the cloth in the direction of hair growth.

After the area is clear of hair, use a soothing aloe vera gel or natural moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and cool. Then enjoy your gorgeously smooth skin… naturally!

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