Need Help Relaxing? Try a Podcast!

We've all found ourselves lying in bed, restlessly listening to the clock tick on. We’ve shifted ourselves into different shapes, trying hard to find a position where we can finally detach from the world and drift off into pure bliss and relaxation. So, finding something that helps us unwind can really make a change to our mental and physical health. We all need to find a way to switch off our brains and get our bodies relaxing!

I've only recently jumped on board the podcast train, and honestly… I can’t get enough of them! Just grab your phone, tablet or laptop, press play, and before you know it, you’ll be wrapped up in discussions, debates or hilarious insights into the minds of others - helping you switch off from the stresses of your own day. Choose what you want to listen to (I’ll get to a tiny fraction of the many options soon) and in minutes, you can be lost in a vast audio landscape! Pop one on when you’re traveling to work, sitting in the car, picking up the kids or waiting for a friend for that much-needed coffee. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can get your podcast fix and get your body and mind relaxing!  

Here are some of the podcasts and genres that have helped me when I’ve been in need of that moment in time to just stop, relax and unwind. 

The Comedy Podcast

Fancy something to make you laugh out loud? Why not pop comedy into the search bar and choose from the numerous options! Many comedians, actors, and musicians have joined the podcast circle, creating engaging and jaw aching content that will leave you feeling light and genuinely happy. Sometimes we just need to lose ourselves in something that will ultimately make us feel good. Comedy podcasts are the perfect choice to get you uncontrollably laughing and enjoying a wave of endorphins in no time.

The Mindful Podcast

Need to take some time to learn how to slow your mind and body? A podcast focusing on how to look after yourself may be more suited to you. There are podcasts out there to help us deal with the stressful moments in life, which are extremely beneficial when listened to before bed. ‘Atmosphonic’ is a podcast that has been made to help the listener find that relaxed and peaceful space, both mentally and physically. With a podcast posted every Sunday, you can listen to the sounds of birds singing or rain falling for an hour. Play an episode when you know you’re feeling tense, or when you just need some time to breathe. Laying in a candle-lit bubble bath, listening to the sounds of thunder and pouring rain does it for me…but each to their own!

The Thriller Podcast

Are you someone who enjoys the chill down your spine from a thriller? Either the gripping trials of a murderer or trying to work out the actions of a serial killer… sound familiar? Then the podcast, ‘The Drop Out’ is worth a listen. Follow the three-year-long investigation into Elizabeth Holmes, a self-made billionaire who lost everything in the blink of an eye! Or listen to, ‘Monster. The Zodiac Killer’ – it’s all there in the title. It doesn’t always have to be calm waves or the sound of rain to make us feel relaxed, does it?

Sleep-Specific Podcasts

If you're not in the mood for a gripping narrative and are more interested in ways you can relax and sleep easier, there are also many podcasts available that endeavor to do just that! Check out our previous blog that covers 9 Podcasts That Will Send You To Sleep for ideas! 

Why A Podcast?

The greatest thing about podcasts is that it is entirely up to you what you listen to. It’s your choice and your time, so explore all the options and learn what helps you unwind the best. Once you find your ‘podacst happy place’, you will find yourself taking the time to listen to these podcasts, and reaping the positive benefits they give you.

Before you know it, you’ll be rushing to start your commute to get listening to that next episode, or dying to get to bed just to hear the next chapter! You can snuggle up under a blanket with your headphones on, or play it aloud while you work, drive or do chores - the possibilities are endless!

Podcasts can be accessed for free on most devices, so why not use it to help your mental and physical health? Switch off and fall into the narrative of a good podcast. There is no judgment or animosity…it is just you and your choice. Remember, it’s okay to take time out for yourself. My advice? I wish I could have started to listen to them sooner.

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