These 9 Podcasts Will Send You Straight To Sleep!

There are a lot of things you can do to help wind down for bed, but if you have a busy mind and a lot of thoughts to process, sometimes the best thing you can do is distract yourself... but not enough so you're up all night. Tricky one, right? 

Well, not as hard as you might think. We’ve found some of the best podcasts for falling asleep to, ones that are interesting enough to distract your mind, but not gripping enough to keep you up all night.

They tend to recreate the feeling of either being read to, or there are ones that are intentionally boring. Some even have ASMR triggers in them, too (if that works for you). So here are our 9 podcast recommendations which will help you wind down tonight. Let us know how you get on...


1. You Must Remember This

A podcast about the history of Hollywood, including famous feuds and the blacklist. It can get a little dark, so some are maybe not for those easily spooked, but mostly they’re subdued, soothing and informative. A great one to go to bed with and an interesting listen. 

2. Sleep With Me

The founder and host of 'Sleep With Me' once suffered from insomnia, and the only thing that would help was a late night comedy radio show. Inspired, he decided to create this podcast specifically for helping people sleep. Great one if you're new to this, or if you like being read to sleep.

3. Hello From The Magic Tavern

A completely improvised narrative show, and it’s twisting and turning plotline will keep your mind from racing. (But also not gripping enough to keep you up all night thinking what will happen next!) 

4. In Our Time

This one is a well-researched and structured podcast, meaning it almost feels like one of those lectures you used to fall asleep to in school or college. Every week is a completely different topic and their soothing voices and non-riveting topics will surely get you snoozing (and you'll definitely learn something new!)

5. Stories From The Borders Of Sleep

Each episode is between 10 and 20 minutes each, meaning it’s the perfect amount of time to get you to sleep. The host has a very soothing voice, telling stories inspired by the border of sleep, the feeling of being awake, but on the cusp of sleep.

6. Nocturne

Every episode tells different stories, but they’re all about sleep or night-time. One called “They’re All Asleep” talks you through museums which are closing for the night, lulling you to sleep with images of dark art galleries and a sleepy city.

7. Story Not Story

You know the conversations you have with people you’re sharing a room/bed with, just before you fall asleep? Well, Craig and Chyna have decided to share those conversations! The hazy, fumbled ones you’ll definitely forget the next day. Sometimes they just chat, sometimes they base their conversations off questions sent in by listeners. Either way, you’ll feel involved in the conversation until you slowly begin to … fall … asleep... too...

8. The Writers Voice: Fiction From The Magazine

A simple but great one, where authors read their own stories to you. So if all it takes is a bedtime story to get you ready for sleep, this one is definitely for you!


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a great way to fall asleep. This podcast will cover a wide range of topics, not just ASMR, but they talk in hushed voices to trigger the same sensations ASMR videos do. If you haven’t tried ASMR, then there are plenty of youtube videos you can watch to see if it’s something you can use to help sleep, it already helps millions of people!

Top Tip 

To make sure your podcast ends when you want it to, you can set a Podcast Sleep Timer (click through the link to find out how). That way, you can feel relaxed as you unwind, and you don't have to worry about pressing pause when you're finally ready to sleep!

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