Say Goodbye to Red Bull and Try This All-Natural DIY Energy Drink, Instead!

After a bad night’s sleep, it’s inevitable that you’ll be reaching for high-caffeine, high-sugar drinks to pull you from that afternoon slump. But these well-known energy drinks are loaded with harmful chemicals, way too much sugar, and a harmful amount of caffeine. Although they may perk you up momentarily, relying on these energy beverages will be detrimental for your sleep routine in the long-run!

Why not try our 100% natural alternative, which will give you an organic boost to fight the fatigue!  It’s super easy to make, and will have you perked up in a matter of minutes!


1.5 cups of coconut water – a fantastic natural hydrator filled with antioxidants and electrolytes, coconut water keeps your cells working in tip-top form.

0.5 cups of organic fresh orange juice – filled with vitamin C and natural sugars, the orange juice adds a sweetness and vitamin-filled burst to the drink.

1 teaspoon of magnesium supplement – magnesium is essential for fighting fatigue. It assists the functions of our blood pressure and cardiovascular system.

0.5 teaspoons of ginseng extract – ginseng has been clinically proven to help you fall asleep quicker and into a deeper sleep when you do.

1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar -  Apple cider vinegar contains potassium and enzymes that relieve that tired feeling.

Small chunk of grated ginger – ginger is great for digestion and will help you to absorb the other elements in the drink.

Pinch of pink Himalayan salt – often, when we are overly tired, our bodies are deprived of essential electrolytes and salts. A small pinch of this Himalayan salt will replenish these stores.


Add all ingredients into a large jug and mix until the salt has dissolved and the ginger has broken down slightly. Pour into a glass over ice, or make a batch and chill in the fridge for whenever you want it! This healthy pick-me-up is perfect for when you feel sluggish and tired.


While this will give you the natural boost you need, if you find yourself reaching for an energy drink more often than not, you need to spend longer in bed than you currently are doing. And if you're struggling to settle down at the end of the day then head over to our blog, where we have the perfect formula for sleep. 

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