So Your Nails Look Like This? If So You Should Be Worried!

Our nails don’t get the TLC they need and are often overlooked, but your cuticles could be hiding some health secrets from you! Everything from iron deficiencies to kidney disease, your nails are a tell-tale sign something is wrong.

So now’s the time to pay a little bit more attention to your nails so you can spot infections and deficiencies early!

Here are the top seven indicators of nail health, what problems they could be pointing to, and the best natural solutions for them:

Split Nails is something you should definitely keep an eye out for. When your nail splits down the middle (if it’s happened because you’ve knocked it, you could be suffering from brittle nails, see below for more tips and remedies) it can be a sign that something's wrong, such as deficiencies or diseases.

These are the main causes for cracked nails, and some come along with other symptoms for you to keep an eye out for, too. 


Our nails are built up of keratin, which is made up of layers of protein that protects the soft tissue underneath the nail. Without hemoglobin (iron) there is a lack of oxygen reaching the nail, which causes it to become brittle and weak. 

Other symptoms of having an iron deficiency are:

- Constant fatigue and tiredness 

- Weakness

- Pale Skin 

- Dizziness 


An array of infections can be causing your nail to split, such as fungal, bacteria or yeast infections. These infections normally stem from the nail bed itself and change the texture of the nails, resulting in weakened and split nails.

Other symptoms of having a fungal nail infection are:

- White or yellow streaks on the nail 

- Flaky, white parts of the nail 

- Loss of the nail 


Psoriasis can affect both the skin and nails, and it can cause the nail to thicken, crumble or split. The majority of people with psoriasis are estimated to have damaged nails at some point. 

Other symptoms of having psoriasis are:

- The color of your nail may turn green, yellow or brown 

- Ridges or grooves in the nail


There is a range of infections which can cause your nails to split, including:

Thyroid Disease:

Your thyroid is responsible for providing your body with thyroxine, and sometimes it can either provide too much or not enough. If your thyroid isn't providing enough, which is what's known as an under-active thyroid. This can cause your nails to become weak, brittle and cracked.

Other symptoms of having Thyroid Disease are:

- Fatigue

- Weight Gain

- Constipation

- Depression

- Muscle aches

Liver Disease:

Most types of liver disease don't have any symptoms in the early stages, which is why it's so important to keep an eye on your cuticles! 

Other symptoms of having liver disease are:

- Yellow-ish eyes and skin

- Abdominal pain and swelling

- Itchy, irritated skin

- Dark urine color

- Chronic fatigue

- Vomiting or nausea

Kidney Disease:

Similar to liver disease, there aren't a lot of symptoms early on which is why spotting the first few signs, such as cracked nails, can help.

Other symptoms of having kidney disease are:

- Reduced amount of urine

- Swelling around legs and ankles

- Unexplained shortness of breath

- Pain or pressure in your chest

- Seizures

How to treat weak and brittle nails 

The best and easiest way to help protect your nails and fight of nail fungus is by using our Nail Guardian. We created this product to help revive damaged nails without the overly harsh and damaging chemicals which are often in the products on the market. 



The tea tree actively works to fight against nail fungus and other bacterial infections. It also works to build immunity against future ailments. The eucalyptus oil works to strengthen the nail bed for better growth and stability to prevent breaking and cracking nails. 

By using effective and natural ingredients, our formula helps protect your nails from cracking, whatever the cause, and after 4 weeks of use you'll have noticeably stronger, healthier nails. 

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