Summer is Almost Over: Post-Sun Care For You Skin and Hair

It’s that time of the year again where the nights are getting longer, the temperature is slowly cooling, and we have to accept that summer is slowly coming to an end.

But believe it or not, there are actually a few perks of summer being over. Notice your hair feeling slightly… dry? Or your skin a little sensitive? That’ll be down to the sun exposure you’ve experienced over the summer months, and now is the time to reverse that damage.

So here are the 4 ways to repair sun damage to your skin and hair...

1. Sun Screen

Yes, really! The sun might not be shining quite as brightly, but you still need to wear sunscreen and protect yourself against UV exposure. To help your skin heal after summer, you need to prevent any additional damage and it will also help reverse some of the damage already done, too.

2. Exfoliate

The sun is great for giving you a warm, healthy glow, but it’s also great at causing a build-up of dead skin cells thanks to excess sweating, meaning a dull and blotchy complexion.

You can exfoliate using a physical or a chemical exfoliation, and in this case we’d recommend chemical (but physical will also work). Use ones containing AHAs like glycolic acid, citric acid, or lactic acid. These will encourage your skin to produce more collagen and elastin, pushing the renewal process along and brightening your dull-looking skin. 

3. Fight those dark spots

The reason we develop dark spots is that your skin reacts to excessive UV radiation by overproducing melanin, causing hyperpigmentation.

To brighten dark spots, there are a few ingredients to look out for, such as kojic acid, vitamin C and even licorice! Vitamin C serums are particularly effective at evening out skin tone, and it’s one of the main ingredients in our Superfood Firming Serum. It also works as an antioxidant, meaning it will protect your skin from free-radicals like UV rays (not as much as sunscreen would, though).

4. Switch up your hair routine

Sun exposure breaks down the proteins in your hair, meaning the surface of the hair itself becomes damaged. This can cause it to appear dry, weak and brittle. Best thing to do is schedule a trim at the salon to get rid of some of the worst bits, and then start using a hair mask once a week until you see an improvement. This will boost the keratin and lipids and restore the moisture lost to the summer.

Our Verdict

Prevention is always cheaper than the cure, which is why we always recommend wearing SPF30 every day (even when it rains). For your hair, the best thing you can do is avoid using sulfates, a common chemical found in shampoo which strip the hair of its natural oils. Try to use hair masks throughout the summer as well to really look after your hair and get regular trims when you can. 

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