The 6 Types of Nap – Which One Works for You?

For those of us who struggle to sleep at night, a lunchtime siesta or catching 40-winks during the afternoon could be our saviour. Many people rely on napping to top up their energy levels, but do you know the best type of nap for you?

To get the best from your nap, and avoid the pitfalls, naps needs to be used correctly. They should supplement a lack of rest, but shouldn’t interfere with your night-time sleep cycle. 

Here’s a quick recap on the benefits of napping, which are pretty powerful. Naps can:
• Boost your brain function, including focus, accuracy, and concentration
• Enhance your creativity and critical thinking skills
• Lower your stress levels and lift your mood
• Give you more energy and improve your physical performance

Which nap is right for you? 

The CEO Nap:

If you’re looking for a boost to your daily energy, focus, and mental performance, then a short power-nap (25 min) in the mid-afternoon (1-3pm) is a good napping option for you. Any longer and you will feel terrible. 

The Coffee Nap:

Timed correctly, drinking coffee before a short nap can help you wake up more alert than just taking a regular nap. Caffeine boosts peak about 30 minutes after it’s consumed; so if you nap for 20minutes, you’ll wake with an extra jolt to feel refreshed and energetic.

The New Mom Nap:

Parents of new-borns are not sleeping through the night: it’s a fact! The strategy here is to nap when your child naps. Resist the temptation to try to be productive in other ways while your child is sleeping, and use that time to top up your own energy levels.

The Sports Nap:

A short, 15-20-minute nap will deliver immediate benefits to physical and mental performance for a period of time, without that groggy feeling where you can’t wake up. Time it right, and you can feel more energized and ready for the game or workout ahead.

The Disco Nap:

A trusty companion of the party-animal, a Disco Nap is perfect for when you’re planning a late night. Take a 90-minute nap before you head out for the evening, and you’ll have the stamina and energy to stay up until the early hours! Just be careful not to do this too regularly; a very late night will mean you sleep-in, making the following night even harder to sleep! 

The Siesta:

In Spain, Greece, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Philippines and other nations around the world, these naps are a part of daily life. At around 2pm, everything shuts shop and allows time for an energy re-charge. If you aren’t part of the siesta culture, try to find ways to adjust your daily routine to add some downtime to your day.

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