The 7 Biggest Causes Of Memory Loss

Have you ever entered a room and forgotten what you’ve come in for? Lost your keys? Have you absolutely no idea who that person you just chatted with in the store was?

Forgetfulness can be frustrating. We’ve all been mid-conversation and an everyday word, name, or location just escapes us. It’s on the tip of our tongue, but the word just won’t come and then sometimes it does that extra annoying thing of popping into our head hours later, just to taunt us! 

These little moments of memory loss are actually totally normal, and sometimes it can just take the small act of improving certain routines in our day to help better our brain’s remembering skills. You’ll be surprised at what could be causing these everyday brain hiccups – the Organica team were! We’ve been getting curious about our craniums, and have put together what 7 things could be contributing to losing our train of thought. Read on to discover what and why, and even how to help your mind manage your memory using the most naturally beneficial methods out there.

Behind On B12

Yes, a lack of the right vitamins can contribute to confusion and forgetfulness. Vitamin B12 is essential for nerves to function normally (nerves send messages to and from the brain). You can find Vitamin B12 in your diet from natural sources, like dairy, meat or fish but also in some cereals that are “fortified” – they usually clearly mark this on the box. Alternatively, you can supplement your B12 intake with vitamin tablets to be sure you’re getting the right amount.

Short On Sleep

This is the most common cause of forgetfulness! If we’re short on sleep, our brain is going to be fatigued, so will struggle to learn or recall things for us. So, catch those Zzz’s, and make time for sleep.

If sleeping is a regular struggle for you, why not try the hypoallergenic Organica Dream Lotion? This scientifically formulated dream cream is designed to help you fall asleep at a quicker rate. It’s infused with natural lavender oil, so works synergistically to put you into a deeper and more restful sleep and leave you feeling more invigorated when you wake up – a rejuvenated brain will do much better at remembering! Many of the organic ingredients like bergamot oil and cedarwood promote a sense of relief and reduce stress too. Just apply the Dream Lotion on the neck, upper arms and chest before you go to bed and it’s as simple as that. It’s also cruelty-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free. Nutrient-rich and completely natural - divine dreaming only with this calming wonder cream!


Did you know your medication could be muddling with your memory? If you rely on pill form sleep aids, these can make you groggy and therefore forgetful, and the same for products like anti-anxiety medication which has the task of slowing down your central nervous system. This reduces the uncontrollable adrenaline rush anxiety gives you, but in turn, slows down your brains processing function.

If your meds are making your memory unmanageable, speak to your doctor about switching up your dosages/brand or even perhaps consider alternative, more natural methods of managing things like sleep and anxiety (See above to learn more about how our Organica Dream Lotion could help you sleep sounder!)


When our minds are overloaded, we are distracted by our thoughts and consequently our brain can become forgetful. Short-term, acute stress can trigger brief memory loss (words, dates, names) but long-term exposure has been linked to an increased risk of dementia. Look to improve your self-care routine and stress management techniques if this is a worry to you, as it will only improve your entire body’s (and mind’s) health and wellbeing.

Have you tried Organica’s vegan and hypoallergenic Pure Zen roll-on? It’s an all-natural stress reliever, and all you have to do is simply apply the roller to the pulse points; behind the ears, temples, neck, inside of the elbow and wrists at the beginning of the day or whenever you feel stressed. Ingredients include orange oil which helps alleviate anxiety, anger, stress and depression and lavender oil which is renowned for its calming properties. The Pure Zen roll-on will bring relaxation and serenity to any stressed-out mind.

Depression & Anxiety

Forgetfulness can sometimes be a sign of depression or a symptom of it. Depression can be so numbing on the mind that it causes you to be disinterested in whatever environment you find yourself in, so your concentration, awareness and in turn memory, suffer. The weight of your emotions can be so heavy that you’re simply not able to pay attention. Depression also has a negative impact on sleep, and as discussed, lack of sleep can make things more difficult to remember too.

You can definitely blame anxiety for blanking in some cases. Actors will forget their lines due to nerves once on stage all the time, despite repeating those same lines many times with confidence in their rehearsals. Certain situations induce anxiety and nervousness, but a generalized anxiety disorder will affect your ability to recall things during your daily activities.

Getting the right treatment for your depression and anxiety is vital to improve your quality of life as well as your memory. Don’t delay in chatting with your doctor or therapist if you think you’re experiencing unmanageable symptoms.

Getting Older

You might have noticed your physical body struggling to do things that were much easier when you were younger. Perhaps picking things up, exercising, twisting or bending. If it’s happening to your limbs, it’s definitely happening to your brain. What we need to stress here is that that is normal! It’s general wear and tear and is to be expected. If you’re forgetting names, dates and times more frequently, that’s just another thing to add to the “I’m getting older” list – there’s no need for alarm with symptoms like these.


When we experience grief, it consumes so much of our physical and emotional energy. If you’ve ever lost some close to you, you might remember feeling exhausted or drained quite often. Our focus on what’s going in our lives can dwindle because of this too, and our ability to remember things decreases. Forgive yourself here in circumstances like these. Processing grief can take a long time. If you’re really struggling, look for a local support group or a counselor to help you cope.

Final Thoughts

Memory loss can be totally attributable to everyday factors like the above. If you’re looking to improve your memory though, there are so many apps and activities you can do to help train your brain into being better at remembering (and obviously prioritizing sleep and reducing stress!).

If you’re super concerned that your forgetfulness is signaling something more serious, go and check-in with your doctor.

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